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How To Grow An Art Youtube Channel From 0 to 40k Subscribers

Over *twenty thousand* new people have subscribed to this channel in the past month, but I’ve been on Youtube for two years. Why am I suddenly blowing up now?

In this video, I share all the details behind how I grew my art channel from 0 to 40k subscribers, and give you the information you’ll need to do it too.

A playlist chronicling my journey so far:

Growing a Youtube channel is hard work! This job has probably been the hardest one I’ve ever had, but also the most fulfilling! It’s absolutely possible to still grow a YouTube channel in 2022 and succeed on the platform.

Hopefully by sharing my story I’ll save you some time. I look forward to y’all growing even faster than I have so far!

Want some guidance while starting your own channel? My workbook might help!

((Before you comment saying I’m like two days away from hitting 40k, shhhhhhh it’s ok I know but I’m posting this anyway))


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36 thoughts on “How To Grow An Art Youtube Channel From 0 to 40k Subscribers

  • hi there, what platform or program were you using to draft out your scripts?

  • I started my craft channel on November 2023, but I feel like giving up, I trying to improve my editing but stuck on 81 subs😢

  • I know this video has been posted a year ago so I am very late in commenting. But I just wanted to say, I follow your art videos and you are a very amazing person. This video is helping me grow as my own art channel and learn tips and tricks. I am still a very small channel, only 710 subs, and still using my phone to record videos. But definitely saving up for a camera. However the lack of views in my work lately.. lack of gains is really starting to get to me and I have hit that wall of "is this worth it… should I go back to hiding my art from the world again" and the most loud voice of "you should just quit youtube" is really starting to get to me.. my highest views in the last two weeks has been 178 views.. and no rewatches.. have you ever got to that point in your youtbe journey and with your art? And if you have what are some tips or things you did to over come them? I have tried everything… at this point and really looking for help..

  • I have over 10k views and at the time of writing, 121 subscribers. I’ve been going for 5 weeks, is that decent?

  • this was so great and helpful thank you 🙂

  • This is an inspiring video. I’m a new ‘how to draw a..’ channel that’s been languishing and have seriously thinking of shutting it down in the new year. But after watching your video, I’m going to keep it going! Thank you!

  • Just started a channel the other day! Great tips, everyone good luck!

  • You have been inspiring me for over a year now! I am finally able to create again and decided to finally treat art as a career

  • honestly you are such an inspiration to me

  • I'm gonna sub to you Bc I'm a kinda Artist but don't have much subscribers

  • what the f***k is that video about?
    i'm not wasting 16m on this

  • I would say create content for ages 18 to 85 for women. My generation also needs to know how to create YT videos especially since we did not grow up with being on camera or of even being able to speak out or share ideas. I am 63 and still want to start my YT channel and am taking the steps towards that goal.

  • Thank you for sharing. I also started arts channel focusing more on digital art. But I do not have a good camera or phone so becoming hard to get views. I got some subscribers from shorts only.

  • You inspiration me to start a youtube channel as an artist

  • Thank you so much this video really helped me alot I have also started as a artist and post some decent videos I hope I can achive my dream someday

  • Hi Kelsey! I loved this video and all the others I've watched on your channel! Just subscribed! Congratulations on your success, I think it's awesome! Question for you as we set up our own online, digital download shop for photography business owners. I took a look at your Shop page and was curious what percentage of your sales come from the Notion Templates and Workbook & Tutorials? These are similar to the products I've made for photographers, but I guess I was just trying to gauge how much of your actual business/sales is coming from these products. Just curious- looking for benchmarks in other industries. thanks so much!

  • Thanks for the tips. I've had some fits and starts over the year. The best tool I've found to stay consistent has been using some of my videos (esp live streams) to be accountable to myself to be productive in my studio while also doing my best to provide value to any audience I can get. Co-working live paint and chats have been fun!

  • You use the word “failing” a lot in your videos, and honestly it bothers me. This negative language hurts your message and actually is a little discouraging even when you want them to be encouraging.

    It seems you understand this concept but the practice of creating videos for your channel is NOT failing at all. It is LEARNING. You learned from each of those videos and took that learning with you. That’s not failing, it is steady growth. When you first file a bike you are going to fall. That is not failing to ride a bike it is learning. The only way to fail at riding a bike is to not ride the bike at all.

    I’d really love to see you strike the word “fail” from your vocabulary on your videos. I think it demeans your process, making it feel like the only worthy videos are the “successful” ones ( whatever that means, as you don’t really state your criteria for success and failure on a single video basis) and it discourages your viewers. Nobody wants to fail. Nobody wants to spend their time failing until they (almost arbitrarily) reach a success. But everyone wants to learn, and by turning the focus onto that process of learning you can encourage just about everyone.

  • Hey! I really like your videos and your social media tipps. I actually want to take a very similar journey with you and I am going to start with youtube soon! (Not with this account). My instagram is doing very well already so I am excited to start.

  • I definitely feel sad about how slow my art channel has been going so I definitely need this

  • You're amazing, thank you for sharing all these tips for us💚

  • Congratulations 🎉 I stumbled across your channel and I’m glad to find you ❤ I just started my YouTube channel and I invested in a camera and lighting at the first place because of your advice 🙂 Thank you!

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