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How To Make $100 A Day Trading On Webull (My EXACT Strategy)

I’ve been consistently making anywhere from $100 – $500 /day trading on Webull and in this video I go over my exact 5 step system I use.

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34 thoughts on “How To Make $100 A Day Trading On Webull (My EXACT Strategy)

  • You know the problem with videos like this, is, Webull is most likely being paid for promotion.

  • When I tried to sell schd option on Webull, it says “it doesn’t support naked positions” even though I have 200 schd stocks on Webull that could be used as collateral, what could be wrong? Why it won’t let me sell options?

  • "Thanks bud for keeping us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make huge profits every single week, I was able to build a big income stream investing with Mrs Louise O'Brien

  • I want to improve my knowlege about trading. That's why I'm always watching your channel

  • Actually it is not Poker for comparison reason. It is Black Jack.

  • sounds like another pay per view IM me before you pay, pls…..hx of not delivering,

  • I had some small idea of how this works. Decided to paper trade to see if I can actually practice what I thought was the way options worked. I gave myself $720, but only used ~300 to buy options contracts. The spread was really tight, cents on the dollar. So I start buying and then turning around and instantly selling to close. In about an hour I turned that 720 (remember, I only used approx 300) into 1210. No idea how I did it. Markets closed hours later and when the ask price went to 0.00, despite all my positions being closed, it said I was at a positive account balance with -7,000,000 buying power. Idk what happened. But that was a fun and very confusing day

  • bruh people coming here dont just have 10 thousand dollars to throw on stocks to make 100 bucks off it in 20 minutes..

  • How do you not getting GFV warnings / restrictions for day trading with Webull ?

  • High emotional stress and the need for constant attention to the market often make day trading challenging for individuals. Additionally, the fast-paced nature of day trading requires quick decision-making, discipline, and risk management skills, which can be difficult for some traders to consistently maintain. Thanks for your valuable insight.

  • Question, so do you have a full time job or do you do stocks full time?

  • I think writing it down and keeping it visible is a great idea.
    The reminder to stay on track would benefit me well.
    I know better, yet throw everything out the window and fly by the seat of my pants. BLIND. Horrible discipline.

  • bro never played poker in his life literally is talking about blackjack like if it was poker, still the stock video was interesting haha

  • Thank you for this video i have been making close to 200 when I first wake up🥱🤑

  • What do you mean by half entry that’s confusing

  • i have a webull but i dont know what todo, also i cannot withdraw my moneu

  • You work for 40yrs to have $1m in your retirement, Meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a meme coin for just few months and now they are multimillionaires.l pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  • This dude has clearly never played poker. All in on a 21…. I am dying lolllll

  • Please do a video on how to trade the DOW and ETFs on webull. Thank you.

  • I really like how you rate your trades I do the same with my sets when I workout 6 is warmup set and 10 would be failure I would be able to do one more rep really cool

  • I think he got poker and blackjack mixed up, but who cares? He has way more money than I do.

  • What are the commissions on Webull? Is there a minimum amount to open the Webull account for daytrading?

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