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How to START & SETUP a New YouTube Channel (The ULTIMATE Guide)

Learn how to start and setup a YouTube channel step-by-step from scratch in this FREE online course! ****** Want to get more views on Your videos this year? Learn the 3 best ways to get views in this video 👉

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How to Make YouTube Videos on Your Phone START to FINISH!

How to Make A YouTube Video for Beginners START to FINISH!

0:00 How to start a YouTube channel step-by-step
0:27 How to create a new YouTube channel
6:06 How to name your YouTube channel and change your name
8:17 How to add a YouTube profile picture and change your avatar
12:05 How to make a YouTube banner (with free software)
21:20 How to add YouTube subscribe button and a branding watermark
24:37 (Free Tutorial) How to make a YouTube video step-by-step
25:04 How to upload your YouTube videos faster (Tips and Tricks)
29:26 How to upload videos on YouTube from phone
32:42 How to add tags to your YouTube video
35:45 How to add a description to your YouTube video
44:46 How to add hashtags on YouTube (Best YouTube Hashtags)
51:48 How to add chapters to YouTube video (YouTube Timestamp and Timecode Tips)
56:28 How to add videos to a playlist on YouTube (2021 Update)
1:07:58 How to make a YouTube end card (Free Template and Free Software)
1:15:38 How to add end cards to YouTube video (Easy Way to Add End Screen Elements)

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In this video Nolan from Think Media shows you how to start and setup a YouTube channel step-by-step. This YouTube channel setup tutorial for beginners will help you quickly become a YouTube Pro!

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49 thoughts on “How to START & SETUP a New YouTube Channel (The ULTIMATE Guide)

  • Question of the Day ⚡ Have you already started your YouTube channel? How many video have you uploaded so far? Let us know! ***** Want to get more views on Your videos this year? 📈 Learn the 3 best ways to get VIEWS in this new video 👉​

  • Is there a reason why you upload from yt studio vs just going to your pg and uploading?

  • I launched my second video thanks to you all at Think Media! I was wondering how do you leverage followers on IG that are under another name than your YouTube channel? I don't want to start another IG page if I don't have to. By the way the first video took 3 months to get out. The second took 4 weeks. My learning curve is shortening. Thanks @thinkmedia @seancannell

  • The subscribe button was great as I wondered how to get that. Also, I am glad you posted about doing videos on smart phone. Thanks.

  • how do you read off from your script white keeping your eyes on the camera? this has been so hard for me to understand and work for me while im filming. please help.

  • Hi there!

    As a follow of your tutorial, my banner has failed to upload even though the dimensions 2048 x 1152 could you know the reason?

  • Is there a way I can change my account to a "Manage My Business" account? I already signed up as a personal account.

  • Hi, that little "Think" at the bottom right of your screen, you didnt explain how to add that.

  • Thank you very much for this information, i have jus uploaded my first you tube video. am officially a legit youtuber

  • Hi Nolan, my subscribe button doesn't show up in my videos, i don't know what i could have done wrong.

  • Hey Nolan great video, part of the VRA fam! 🙂 Do you think adding hashtags are still relevant today?

  • Great video. Thank you! What about the best categories to use? Does it matter for ranking? Should it be one for the channel or can we use different ones most relevant to each video?

  • Currently I am using my phone. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. I am upgrading to the S23 Ultra next week. Hopefully I will be reaping benefits for my labor and will be purchasing a camera soon.

  • OK. So I just joined the VRA fam and my channel was already established. I had no idea how much that I was missing, until I watched this video!! Again, thank you to the think media team. You guys are truly amazing!!

  • How do you go about setting up asking people to subscribe if I am creating a youtube channel to read stories and getting paid for it?

  • Can u please make an updated video on Hot topics ,specially this one as 2024 version ? Please and thanks

  • Your channel is spectacular. Clear and concise directions are very helpful. What are the best settings to use on my iPhone for the clearest videos? Thank you.

  • Thanks for such a deep dive into the basic start up for YouTube beginner like me, I truly appreciate your knowledge.

  • I just joined VRA. I'm learning so much from these videos. I've got a channel and didn't realize how many features I wasn't using or properly leveraging. Thanks again!

  • Excellent video! Thank you for sharing your expertise. They way you outlined the process is clear and helped me connect all the necessary dots to get started. Thank you, again.

  • Hi @ThinkMedia team, what app do you use in this video to edit the codec and format to mp4? Thank you.

  • Just joined VRA over the weekend. Loving it so far. This video right here is so helpful. Even if you’ve already set up your channel, it’s still a must see because of all the helpful tips! 😊

  • Hi Think Media. I like your video tutorial, however, there is a common mistake I see most YouTubers make including your video. Halfway through the video, it gets blurry. Someone needs to monitor the recording so the blurriness doesn't become an issue for your viewers. It might be not easy to see or adjust during recording so it's best to have someone view it for you while recording.

  • Thank you so much for the detailed information. I am a beginner and i think after watching your video I am ready to create a content.

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