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Print on Demand vs. Dropshipping | Wholesale Ted x Oberlo Collab

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If you’ve looked up how to make money online, you’ve come across dropshipping and print on demand. But which one is a better business model, and what’s the difference between the two?

To answer those questions and more, Sarah from Wholesale Ted joins Jessica in a digital boxing match.

Sarah currently runs a 6-figure print on demand store while also creating Youtube videos to help aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this video, Sarah and Jessica go head-to-head to pit print on demand and dropshipping against each other.

Keep watching to learn which business model is easier to start, which one has the best profit margins, and which one has the fastest shipping options.

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48 thoughts on “Print on Demand vs. Dropshipping | Wholesale Ted x Oberlo Collab

  • this is a 2 year old video; why did I just get an email from Wholesale Ted telling me to watch it now??? cannot believe that this world has not changed massively in last 2 years????

  • Thank sister Shara, I have a question about how the custamt wants to buy every product they wants to buy. How do you sent this priduct to different nations or country?

  • whats the difference between print on demand and dropshipping?

  • Just found this video while looking into changing from POD to dropshipping for my business or considering adding some dropshipping products to my offerings. Have watched Sarah's videos for some time and now a subscriber to this channel. Good info and appreciate the discussion. Thanks.

  • Great information! I solved some doubts I had girls, I'll start my online store soon. Greetings from Australia 🙂

  • I honestly don't understand what the purpose of obrello is. I mean it does automate orders.

  • This video, which was very well thought-out was excellent.! Question: Isn't online tee shirt selling saturated with overwhelming competition?

  • so cute i like your conversation 🌹

  • I have a question about drop-shipping: What is off- putting for me, is that only Ali- xpress can be your supplier selection site for utilizing Oberlo on a Shopify or other store. Am I right? If so, how come? It makes wonder why this country (USA) isn’t manufacturing as much or better than importers from any other country. The quality isn’t always good nor do they ship in an expected time frame for today’s demands. Can you please explain why the profit margins are so much better than if we had domestic production once again? It still doesn’t make sense to me.

  • This video is both informative and inspiring. You two ladies rock the POD & Drop-shipping game IMO! As for my personal choice, creativity in making Art for products is what moves me. It kept me from losing sense in the haziest times. I can’t say enough about Art- but that will take an entire book! Thank you both for putting this together and sharing your insights so generously! Love & Peace ❤️ ✌🏼 ~Adriana

  • Jessica, since Sarah gave us the name of her favorite on demand printer, maybe you could tell us who you like to work with on AliExpress. Also, loved the video.

  • did anyone get the name of pod in Miami…Accent heavy pronunciation. Help

  • Thanks for this video, it was great. However I think you missed one round which is custom expenses importing from another country has. I have ordered different things from Aliexpress myself, I live in Sweden and I have been paying around 10$ for the custom fee & VAT for an item that cost only 2-3$! which just does not make sense! I don't know how this is in different countries but I think if I use dropshipping method each customer has to pay this which I don't think will give them a good experience at all. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Problem with dropshipping is that i dont really trust aliexpress, even order products where im waiting more the 3 months. And sometimes not even receive anything. Just not very reliable

  • Actually print on demand is not really 5 to 8 days. Is more like 5 to 20 days. At least in europe with printful

  • That's funny! You can't give yourself points!!!! You need an independent judge!!! NAUGHTY!!!!!!! Haha!!!

  • Yay I see Sara love her videos she is so cool!!!

  • I found some T-shirts on oberlo with a design already printed. My question is: do I need permission from the artist and or supplier to sell it? If yes, why is it even on aliExpress?
    Thanks for making these fun and enjoyable videos.

  • Looking for help. I been spending hours learning about drop shipping but I am hung up on the name. I have heard a few times that Jessica is building a new store. Does that mean a new business name with that store? Or can I register a business name like Ecomsomething and then build an online store based on a phone niche? Then if that fails I start a new store based on fashion?

  • I love Jessica! She is fantastic at discussing and summarizing information.

  • Frankly drop shipping is tough and a pretty shitty business model as there is no additional value added to customers. It is cheating innocent people of their money as they pay extra for nothing. This bull shit has to stop. There is no creativity involved. Sorry if I sound rude but that's the truth.

  • Hey guys. Love you content , I have a question which involves both.

    I have recently started my Shopify store
    I love to do print on demand and I also love dropshipping items.

    I have involved both on my website but how will that work ? What if someone buys a T-shirt’s and then something from dropshipping item.
    Would you add on each description what shipping time would be ?
    How to charge the shipping charge then ?

    How would that work ?
    Any tips any videos made ? Please advise me.

    Looking forward to hear from you guys.
    Much love

  • Hi Jessica, how can I be able to donate a certain portion of my store profit to charity organizations automatically from my shopify store.

  • With the long Aliexpress shipping delays making drop shipping impossible, Print on demand is the better choice.

  • You have mentioned how it is best if we test our products before selling but what if we imported too many products into our store and it is really alot to buy and test do u have any advice you can give me on that?

  • Do you guys answer your messages? On the app, it seems like you don't.

  • The two girl who where selling product on Facebook to their Facebook group is that still good to do today in this pandemic?

  • if there is no Epacket available which shipping option should be mostly considered for dropshippers

  • did anyone else see the sparks from the battle? geez even i was sweating watching this whole video! Great content

  • This was not a fair debate. Jessica is the one giving points and also the one who is pushing dropshipping -_-

    A 3rd party should have judged

  • About drop shipping current delivery times one solution would be to choose manufacturer who ship from the US. However I wonder if perhaps there was a way on oberlo when searching a product to filter manufacturers who do deliver from the US?! Thanks for you content ☺️

  • Jessica, Great video BUT… you know… you there at oberlo maybe need to get attention to peoples like me that have already a website but need to some help to design and get it in more good shape…
    I realy think that if you want more people use on your system/App whatever it called then you should consider to help on that. (I bought Oberlo 101, didn't help me much on the tech side unfortunatelly)

  • I loved your video. It makes me go for both POD and dropshipping. Flex all the way!

  • Why does jessica live in am apartment if she is so rich?

  • How do you find products from AliEx that is possibly not on Amazon?

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