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When reviewing this subscriber’s Shopify dropshipping store, Sarah focused on 3 main elements of it:

1) The store design & branding.
2) The products listed in the store.
3) The product listings & descriptions.

Let’s see what this Shopify dropshipping store did right – and how it could improve!

#1: The Store Design & Branding (tips for improving Shopify store design & branding)

This store did not have a custom logo. We highly recommend that you invest in a custom logo for your store. You can buy one from Fiverr for $5 (plus a 50 cent transaction fee). The store homepage also looked very empty as there was very little content on it. An easy way to add additional content to make it look bigger would be to preview products that you are selling on the store there.

In addition, this watch store had watches for men, women and children – yet the colour scheme was very male-centric. It had the same colour scheme that you would expect to see in a male accessory store. This immediately would put off females that had come to the site.

Something else that the site needed to work on was the fact that it was emphasizing heavily that profits were being donated to charity. On the homepage there was no mention of what charity it was, and when a customer navigated to the page that was supposed to explain the mission, there was no explanation about why the profits were being donated. Unless the customer identifies with your mission and believes in it, they’d rather just buy a watch cheaper elsewhere.

#2: The Products Listed in the Store (tips for picking winning products for your Shopify dropshipping store).

The male watches listed were very generic. They were nice watches – but there was nothing about them that appealed to people’s hobbies/passions. Picking products that do this are key to triggering impulse purchases.

To help explain this, Sarah used an example in the video: a nice looking mug with a flower on it, versus a mug that makes your face look like a cat face when you drink out of it. No one would purchase the flower mug because while it is a nice mug, they can buy a mug like that elsewhere. The mug that turns your face into a cat is a lot more exciting because it triggers emotional feelings in people that love cats/cute things.

The watches in the female section had a lot more potential as there were several watches that appealed to niches/hobbies/passions. Some examples included a peacock watch, a watch with a world map on it and a sailing watch that featured an anchor.

#3: The Product Listings & Descriptions (tips for improving your Shopify dropshipping product description copy).

The product listing and description is where a lot of dropshippers cut corners. They are more likely to put time into designing a nice homepage than creating a good product description. This is a major mistake because no matter what, for a customer to purchase the item, they have to go to your product listing and see the description. It is a key element of your sales funnel.

Here are some tips Sarah gave the subscriber to improve their product listing:

* For the title, Sarah recommended that this subscriber change the name of the product to something that was relevant to the niche, and to try and use an emotive word in the title.

* She thought the price was a good price – it was under $15 which means it is priced low enough to be an impulse purchase.

* She liked that the thumbnail picture was the product on a white background, but recommended adding in photos showing the product being used in real life.

* She recommended uploading photos large enough so that the customer could zoom in on them as this has been proven to increase conversions.

* She was happy to see that there was a very clear shipping disclaimer. Doing this will greatly decrease refunds, disputes and chargebacks.

* She recommended that the subscriber update their product description. It is currently bullet points that point out product features. She recommended adding in 2-3 paragraphs that sell the customer on the benefits of the product and how it will improve their lives and to use emotive words. She also recommended adding in trust words.

* She recommended turning reviews off unless you have at least 1 review for the product to upload.

* She recommended having a related products section at the bottom of the page to encourage cross-sells.

Take a look at your store, and see if you are making any of these mistakes for yourself and fix them in your Shopify dropshipping store!