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Why Shopify Is A Horrible Idea!

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44 thoughts on “Why Shopify Is A Horrible Idea!

  • ????? So when a customer wants to buy something from me off of fb market etc. How do i transfer her funds to mine ?

  • That’s why you do product research and possibly growing an audience

  • This dude used to say that Shopify was the real deal for drop shipping then eBay, then Amazon and now Avoid Shopify and now Dropshipping from Temu. Grifter

  • Sounds just like every other goober selling a "masterclass" for Amazon FBA. Hold for the eye roll….


  • What if you already have a brick& mortar store in 2 different locations and always hand out the online business cards with every purchase in those stores? If you already have products that people are buying, then why is this particular platform bad?

  • Sure, if you’re ok with 30% return rate and Amazon taking 10-15% of your profit

  • Start up cost for any other business is way higher and you can build brands

  • This is what a business is…. im so tired of these bozos that just want to sell random sh*t and think they are going to be successful

  • EBay suspend you out of the blue, if you have good products, don’t bother with eBay Etsy these platforms play God they ruin my effort of building store and shut mine down without an an explanation

  • That has nothing to do with shopify. Just describing a basic website. Shopify actually saved some of that time and investment because of the addons they have.

  • Lol, sounds like this guy has never ram a business. Everything he said is wrong except for the part that setting up your shopify store sometimes can be daunting task, which he didn't mention. Lol

    Every business requires website designing, ads, product development, research, domain name, etc. idiot

  • Blud never heard of organic advertising 💀

  • Lol you need to build a website for brand purposes not just sales but brand identity is important otherwise you running a fade!

  • it is easy. finding a product is easy. advertising, well do it on YouTube

  • I used godaddy and it's been worth it shopify was just ruff but I use wholesale rout I buy and sell and I've done pretty good for myself

  • This is phenomenal. I had the privilege of reading something similar, and it was absolutely phenomenal. "The Hidden Empire: Inside the Private Worlds of Elite CEOs" by Adam Skylight

  • This is what they talk about when they say the online gurus and I don’t want you to be successful

  • Agreed, I did all the website and everything, it looked great, I did great ads, but the site kept coming up saying it's danger to enter into the site. ?? Wtf I lost so much money wondering why my traffic was so low. They could not fix the issue, had to stop the site.

  • What about musicians? Shopify is good for artist who want to sell their songs and merch

  • Selling on amazon , ebay , all this platform is not even having your business , and nothing is in your hands selling on these platforms , tomorrow your account can get shut and all your products and work on that platform is done .

  • None of what you said has anything to do with shopify. Its just a selling platform. It has nothing to do with the product. What are you even talking about?

  • Great video how to i change from my ssn to my ein llc i just started on Shopify?

  • My store finally started taking off when I finally switched to Shopify.

  • …I did it and it wasn't that difficult. I went with an influencer who accepted my product for free in exchange for content for my posts and she did a shout out to her followers.

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