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Why you should NOT start YouTube Shorts (beware)

let’s see if this video gets flatlined like last time… make sure to like + comment so we can evaluate!

there is a lot of buzz on youtube shorts lately. but this is a mistake that a lot of creators are making when making youtube shorts. while they can be profitable and viral when used correctly, they can also really damage your channel when used incorrectly. if you want to get monetized and make money on youtube then make sure to keep this info in mind!

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45 thoughts on “Why you should NOT start YouTube Shorts (beware)

  • Guys, if you enjoyed this video (and especially if you saw what happened at the end from last time) could pleas do me a favor and comment + share this with a shorts creator who needs to see this? I am curious if we will randomly flatline our view traction again like last time… thx all 🙏

  • Do you know if they’ll change the RPM one day ? 🙁 To make it at least be 0,30 $

  • Yup I made this mistake. My long form content was getting 500-1k views or more but I noticed my shorts were bringing in more subs so I pumped out both like rapid fire to only find that my long form content views dropped drastically and right after that so did my shorts.

  • this clicking sound each time you switch to a different word is VERY triggering. PLEASE either remove that sound or use something else.

  • The start of the video was a little missleading to grab the attention and to keep us watching the full video. youre a real youtuber

  • I totally agree with you on this…most of the few subscribers I've got are from shorts as such when i post long form they dont watch and i end up each time with no views. Now I am a bit confused as to what path to go…

  • hey what if my channel is based on short videos and no long videos will it still impact something? because I am creating videos which is best as short video I have other channel where I can post only long videos

  • This video has GRREAT content but is in the current 'ADHD' format. Many of us find it annoying and non-"viewable". Really, I'm listening to it but had to scroll down midway in because the visuals were giving me a headache. It's the newest marketing fad/trend like the use of "DESTROYED, ALL CAPS, RUINED, ENDED THEIR CAREER", etc. It may get short term views but to many of us, we won't view more of the channel's content or subscribe to the channel when they utilize these 'short-term hype over long-term success' strategies. Case in point: This video is getting a 'Like' from me but I'll definitely be selecting 'Don't recommend this channel' next time a video from it is in my feed. I guess it depends who the target market is.

  • Nice video. I don't fully agree with you when you say that getting lots of views on shorts is easy but I guess you know that already given the niche you picked. There's just some topics that will bomb and those that explode 😄

  • Some great information mate. But what if your new to making videos for YouTube? What if your time poor at the moment to really make good videos

  • Great video and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Like many of the comments here, I am contemplating what route to take. This video has shed some much needed light on my plans.

  • I privated 600 shorts and within 12 hours my longform started getting more views. It was very weird but this is the 3rd time I’ve quit shorts cold turkey and seen this result. So I’ll be sticking to it this time now that I’ve confirmed it 3 times.

    And if you have a mixed subscriber base of shorts and long form you can bypass this issue by NOT notifying your subscribers when doing your long form content. It’ll push your video right into the algorithm instead of your subscribers and gives your video a better shot at progressing.

  • Makes Sense, I was getting a lot of subscribers from shorts but then when I started doing shorts everyday sometimes 2X a day a long video 3-5 times a week, I notice my views started decreasing like crazy, I was stuck in a bubble trying to determine if I should change my whole rhythm around or stick to shorts or Long Form.
    I started a gaming channel trying to secure that BAG 🙂

  • Great video. And content over all. Much appreciated. Also the hulett brothers are my friends irl! It was funny to see them for a snippet in your vids! lol

  • In all seriousness, modern media is bad. It's horrible, hateful, and filled with misinformation

  • Thanks Brother, it's very helpful to us who are new and trying to make money from shorts.

  • What about posting long videos in here and highlights of the video on tiktok and instagram? that way my channel won't get hurt.

  • Its situational.
    Mr B stopped Shorts because millions and millions ppl are already making short of him on online media where they are continually pormoting his Chanel.
    The guys who had less view on long vid because. In his main shorts video, the main theme is not something about the long form video, moslty re edited clips of interview, videos. Obviously, the relationship between shorts and long are irrelevant due to contrast of content.

    What DIP said is right but it might be important to choose focusing on one media, but u gotta understand what conten u will create, if jts just edited tiktok short just work on shorts, but unless it is something that is going to have your own narrative contents, do both or focus on long video where you can express your ideas more longer for the targeted audience who also enjoys your contents and have time to watch longer.

  • yup this is what scares me about short, I think the best way to make use of shorts is has to be separated channel.

  • i started a new channel a couple of days ago and have been trying to upload about 3xshorts per day, i have about 15 now, and i have been getting 0 views on all of them. I know that i shouldnt expect to be getting thousands of views just after starting a new channel but shouldnt i be getting a couple of views from them just randomly getting on peoples shorts flow?

  • The signals that YouTube takes to decide what's a good or a bad video lack context and requires a massive, surgical update. It's outdated.

  • So do i just start a YouTube shorts channel and a separate channel for long form automation?

  • i mean its kinda a nice side hustle of curse you cant make a full time job out of it but if your like 16 or smth 450 bucks are much

  • Is it too late for me to stop making shorts and focus more on long format?

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