36 thoughts on “Why You Should Start Your Self Improvement YouTube Channel

  • Always wanted to start YouTube, just started inspired by you. Thanks for your content Hamza 💪

  • That’s the only video I needed to start posting my life, I been the guy that grinds in silence and the lone wolf. I can keep myself accountable, but an audience is so important especially when you want to make business. Thank you Hamza big love brother! I’ll be there soon, to the top.

  • I’ve been posting daily self improvement content.. thanks to this video and many others on this channel 😁🚀

  • How hamza edits and put such animations in his video? can anyone help as I want to edit videos like this

  • Just started my channel and challenged myself to post daily for the next 30 days. Feels good to pursue something instead of being aimeless thanks hammy 🙂

  • Just not starting a YouTube channel. Thanks for these videos

  • Hamza as i was younger i started an gaming channel but that was a mistake now i want to start an self improvement channel what should i do hamza

  • Just started let’s hope I can help

  • I am from brazil and I gonna create a self improvement channel but for brazilians for my friends and family because here in brazil the youtube just have bullshit.

    Wish me luck

  • Video is too fast for me, as a man trying to improve my focus, this video is too similar to tiktok level editing and I’m glad you have realised this in more recent videos

  • Nobody else but Hamza was able to convince me and hundreds of young men to start a self-improvement channel. It's tough af, I've only gained seven subscribers but I won't give up and I'll be big one day. If anyone wants to be self-improvement friends, reply to me, I'm still building up a brotherhood.

  • To the person who is reading this, don’t give up on your YouTube channel. Keep going it’s going to get better.

  • Can u tell how do u say a lot on a video.
    Do u right script or something or it's just
    Knowledge at random?

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