Beyond the Moon 1954 — A Sci-fi Movie Full Length

Beyond the Moon 1954 — A Sci-fi Movie Full Length

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This outer space adventure marked the debut of Rocky Jones and his Space Rangers. Two of Rocky’s allies are captured by aliens and brainwashed.

Premise: Spoilers?
The show was based on the exploits of clean-cut, square-jawed Rocky Jones, the best known of the Space Rangers. These were Earth-based space policemen who patrolled the United Worlds of the Solar System in the not-too-distant future. Rocky and his crew would routinely blast-off in a V-2-like chemically-fueled, upright rocketship, the Orbit Jet XV-2 which was later replaced by the nearly identical Silver Moon XV-3, on missions to moons and planetoids where the odds of success seemed remote yet they would always prevail. Although they might destroy a rocketship full of unseen bad guys, their space pistols were never fired at people, and conflicts were always resolved with fistfights.

Although many strange worlds were visited, the alien characters usually spoke American English, and always appeared as normal humans, albeit in bizarre costumes and environments. The script-writers did not appear to know the difference between planets, moons, stars, and constellations, so that the specific locations Rocky and his sidekicks visited are generally unknown to astronomers.

Half-hour episodes were usually grouped into stories that consisted of three ‘chapters’ that were broadcast on successive weeks. A few of the stories were complete in one episode.

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