Riders to the Stars 1954 — A Full-Length Science Fiction Movie

Riders to the Stars 1954 — A Full-Length Science Fiction Movie

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Hurtle toward the far reaches of the universe with the space Vikings of the future!
SEE! men and equipment float in the air, trapped where there is no gravity – no up or down!
SEE! the breath-taking sight of the earth as seen from outer space!
SEE! the fantastic “meteor attack” as rocket and meteor crash head-on in a space-splitting collision!
“Gravity Zero! I’ve Broken Into Outer Space!”
Get another look at Dawn Addams the sensational siren of “The Moon Is Blue”
Deep into space, they streak… plunging into a limitless world of terror and excitement… challenging the vast unknown in man’s most perilous undertaking!
See! the terrifying crush of 12 G’s – 12 times the pull of gravity… as the rocket zooms from the earth!
Rocket Through Space On Man’s Greatest Adventure!
Space Vikings… Hurtling Toward Distant Suns and Amazing Adventure!

In the mid-1950s, American scientists determine that they require metal from meteors if they are to build spacecraft that can withstand the rigors of space travel. To that end, they recruit 12 scientists and ask them to undergo a series of tests. The men don’t quite know exactly what they are being tested for but in the end, three are selected to go into space. The mission is a success, but not all will return. —garykmcd

In this vintage sci-fi adventure, a team of scientists is studying meteors and is baffled by how and why they are often destroyed when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. In a desire to better understand this process, three astronauts with a background in research — Richard Stanton (William Lundigan), Jerry Lockwood (Richard Carlson), and Walter Gordon (Robert Karnes) — are sent into space in a specially designed spaceship to capture a meteor and bring it back safe and sound. Richard Carlson, who played Lockwood, also directed Riders to the Stars; noted sci-fi scribe Curt Siodmak wrote the screenplay. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Synopsis: Spoilers

Opening narrative by Dr. Donald Stanton (Herbert Marshall) describes an experimental launch and return of a rocket test. Men then race in jeeps across a desert searching for the instrument pack that returned to Earth. They find the pack and approach in radiation suits to retrieve the device. At a scientific meeting, Dr. Stanton discusses how metal fragments from the rocket have changed during the flight. Dr. Jane Flynn (Martha Hyer) suggests that the metal has weakened because of exposure to cosmic rays. Shes puzzled how meteors survive such conditions for millions of years. The mention of meteors sparks an idea for Stanton and he contacts the Pentagon to try and get funding for a new mission

The Pentagon runs a computer program and comes up with 12 men who may be able to help with the mission. Security agent OHerli (King Donovan) first visits Dr. Richard Stanton (William Lundigan) head of an electronics research department. He is invited by the government to go out and spend a week in California; the security officer admits he knows no more other than the details of the invitation.

OHerli then contacts Dr. Jerry Lockwood (Richard Carlson) a mathematician, OHerli makes the same offer with the added information everyone should be back to their old jobs in a week or so

Jerry then visits his girlfriend, a photographic model Susan Manners (Dawn Addams) He explains the offer the government made but knows little about it. Jerry begins to feel worried about the future and asks Susan to marry him. She is non-committal about the prospect, and Jerry leaves for California more confused than ever about the relationship

Stanton, Lockwood and 10 other men who have also been contacted by OHerli meet at an abandoned army base in California, they are under orders not to discuss their various areas of expertise

Dr. Paul Drayden (George Eldredge) Dr. Delmar (Lawrence Dobkin) and Dr. Flynn greet the men and explains they are at the Snake Mountain Proving grounds, operated by the Office for Scientist Investigation. Flynn then escorts the men to a holding room, where they handed disclaimers allowing them to be tested in unspecified ways. As they settle in, one of the Doctors, McBride is asked to go with Delmar. A previous conversation between Drayden and OHerli suggests he is not suitable for the program.

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