The Cosmic Man 1959 — A Full-Length Science Fiction Movie

The Cosmic Man 1959 — A Full-Length Science Fiction Movie

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The Thing That Could Destroy the Earth!
Out of This Universe!
Invisible X-Ray Horror, here to spy on the Earth!
Is it True? Are Creatures from Space watching us NOW?
Ghost creature from space!

Aspherical UFO proves to contain one alien visitor. How to deal with him? Investigators disagree…

A large, spherical flying saucer lands on Earth and an extraterrestrial emerges bearing a message of peace and nuclear disarmament. This sci-fi adventure, a clear imitation of The Day the Earth Stood Still, shows the conflicts that soon arise surrounding the alien and his message.

Synopsis: Spoilers

The movie opens with the title and credits shown over a picture of a spiral galaxy. We zoom in on a picture of Earth, the Long Beach, California Harbor, and then other pictures of the Los Angeles area. At a military base, a radar operator (John Erman) picks something up on his screen and reports to Colonel Matthews (Paul Langton). The area of probable impact is Oak Ridge. General Knowland (Herbert Lytton) enters the room and tells Matthews, “Air Defense Command says the bogey has been picked up all around the globe today. Washington wants us to keep a close check on it.” Matthews is amused at the possibility of a UFO, and explains, “I think we will find it as some kind of light aberration or temperature inversion. It has happened before.” The General suggests consultation with Pacific Tech, but Matthews disagrees. He wants to keep things in-house. A phone call indicates something reported by the Forest Service up by Bear Lake. Knowland sends Matthews to investigate. Knowland calls Pacific Tech and talks to Dr. Karl Sorenson (Bruce Bennett). He asks Sorenson to investigate. Sorenson leaves his office (Griffith Park Observatory) and drives to the canyon.

Bill, the park ranger (Harry Fleer), Matthews and Sgt. Gray (Lyn Osborn) arrive, Sorenson’s car is spotted. Bill explains that it is probably one of Pacific Tech’s projects. He says the object is in the canyon. The three men walk into the canyon. There it is–a large sphere, white in color and suspended in the air. It casts a shadow on the ground beneath it. The three men descend into the canyon to get a closer look at the object. Bill hears a ticking sound and looks around for the source. Sorenson walks away from a cave holding a Geiger counter and introduces himself to Matthews. He reports there is some radiation but not a type he has identified. Sorenson taps the object and concludes the object is not metal, perhaps glass. Matthews orders Sgt. Gray to go back to the car and order an armed detail to be sent immediately. Matthews orders Bill to keep quiet about the object. Matthews is intrigued by the ability the object possesses to defy gravity. He notes, “Knowledge of what makes this thing work could be the greatest military weapon of all time. Space supremacy could be ours overnight.” Sorenson reminds Matthews that there are two kinds of power: constructive and destructive. It is clear that Sorenson and Matthews fundamentally disagree on the approach and are developing a dislike for each other.

Kathy Grant (Angela Greene) and her son Ken (Scotty Morrow) drive up and park next to the ranger’s truck. She says, “I hear you found a strange object up here. Some people think its one of our satellites. What is it, a flying saucer?” Matthews is not amused. Kathy admits she heard it on a party line. The ranger directs Matthews’ attention to the wheelchair in the back seat of the Grant car. Kathy owns the local lodge and offers it as a military base of operations. Sorenson introduces himself to mother and son. Ken recognizes the name and tells his mother, “Mother, he’s the famous scientist who discovered omicron radiation.” Sorenson announces he will be staying at the lodge. Kathy and Ken drive off. Knowland informs Matthews that Sorenson is needed on the investigation and Matthews needs to make the effort to get along. He adds that Sorenson is a Major General in the reserves and that he was instrumental in the development of the Atomic Bomb.

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