The Day Mars Invaded Earth 1962 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

The Day Mars Invaded Earth 1962 — A Sci-fi / Horror Movie Full Length

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Strange Invisible Astro-Energy Unleashed Leaves Mankind A Human Shell As It Destroys His Body And Brain!

Martians replace a scientist and his family to pave way for their invasion. —(

The Martians are actually protecting themselves from the US!!. – since the Earth probe landed on their planet they are taking measures to ensure their security by replacing our scientists with doppelgangers who report nothing. A very insightful film that was under-rated and ahead of its time, with a 1963 vision of a primitive mars rover. —fletch

Those ever-sneaky Martians are at it again in this sci-fi horror outing that closely resembles Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This time, the crafty invaders are in the process of making exact doubles of an entire town and then killing the original models. The terrifying facts are discovered by a scientist working at Cape Canaveral who is trying to figure out why a recent Martian probe simply exploded after landing on the Red Planet. The fellow has been in Florida working on the project for so long that his wife in California is about to divorce him. Wanting to save his marriage and see his family, he goes home and suddenly ends up fighting for not only his own life but for all Humanity. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Synopsis: Spoilers?
A probe explores a desolate planet. It comes to a stop, begins to spin then drills into the surface to bury itself.

On Earth, Dr. Dave Fielding (Kent Taylor) dictates a report of the probes fate to his secretary Miss Moore, (Henrietta Moore). Web Spencer (William Mins) a colleague enters as he completes the report.

Suddenly Fielding seems to be overcome with momentary paralysis before recovering to speak to his wife Clair (Marie Windsor) on the phone from California. Hearing her mother on the phone, Judi (Betty Beall) interrupts her. She is sent away to fetch Rocky (Greg Shank) her younger brother.

As Fielding speaks to his wife there is some obvious friction over the amount of time he has been away. Promises are made to catch up celebrating Christmas and New Years’. Dave speaks to the Web about his domestic situation. The web suggests a few days of leave could help the situation.

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Plot: Spoiler?
NASA successfully lands a robotic surveyor on Mars. The rover begins to explore, but after just a few minutes it is completely destroyed by what appears to be a high energy surge. At exactly the same instant back at mission control, Dr. Dave Fielding (Kent Taylor), in charge of the project, suddenly feels oddly disconnected and not himself; he shakes it off and then goes to face the crowd of expectant reporters. Right after he leaves, his exact body double is sitting at his desk.

Dave then leaves for a vacation and flies to California to be with his family; they are now staying in the guest house of a lavish mansion belonging to his wife’s family. His children, 10-year-old Rocky (Gregg Shank) and teen Judi (Betty Beall) are very happy to see him, but it is very clear that his marriage to Claire (Marie Windsor) is in trouble because of the time he must spend away from his family. At first, the tensions between Dave and Claire make it less obvious that they are seeing their body doubles walking around the estate. Eventually, though, as things turn strange, the whole family suspects something is wrong and pulls together. They soon discover they are trapped, unable to leave the isolated estate due to a malfunctioning main gate.

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