The Man Who Wouldn't Die 1942 — A Mystery / Crime Full-Length Movie

The Man Who Wouldn’t Die 1942 — A Mystery / Crime Full-Length Movie

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An Empty Grave… A Cunning, Gunning Ghost… And Michael Shane!

A man believed to be dead and buried escapes from his grave and returns to the scene of the crime seeking revenge. —

In the shadows of the night Dudley Wolff (Paul Harvey), his secretary Alfred Dunning (Robert Emmett Keane), and his doctor, Haggard (Henry Wilcoxon), bury a body in the estate cemetery. At the house, Wolff’s daughter Catherine (Marjorie Weaver) arrives unexpectedly and tells her step-mother Anne Wolff (Helene Reynolds that she has just been married to Roger Blake (Richard Derr) will be along in a few days. Cathy retires and is awakened by a mysterious assailant who fires a shot at her, but her parents tell her she was just dreaming. Wolff goes to the cemetery and finds the body missing. The scared Cathy calls in fast-talking private detective Mike Shayne (Lloyd Nolan) and, since her father doesn’t like detectives, she introduces him as her husband. That evening Shayne hears a shot and finds that Haggard has been killed. While the police are questioning the family, the lights go out and a shot is fired from outside. —Les Adams (

Private eye Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan) goes to work for a millionaire and his daughter (Marjorie Weaver).

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