Andrew Cuomo gives coronavirus update in New York – watch live stream today

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday during his daily briefing that the number of new coronavirus cases ticked down on Friday, with around 1,100 new cases. “Only in this crazy reality would 1,100 be relatively good news, right?” Cuomo said.

He also announced that 437 people died on Friday, a slight uptick from Thursday’s death toll.

“Just when you think you’re going to have a good day, this reality slaps you in the face,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo said he sign an executive order Saturday allowing independent pharmacists to conduct diagnostic coronavirus tests. Around 20,000 tests are being conducted in the state per day, but Cuomo said the goal is to increase the number of tests to 40,000 daily.

Cuomo also said he is expanding the criteria for a person to obtain a diagnostic test.

Cuomo said the state was conducting antibody testing for health care workers in four New York City hospitals. Next week, transit workers and state and city police will also receive antibody testing.

Cuomo announced yesterday that 422 people died from the virus on Thursday, the lowest single-day death toll in the state since April 1.

“Number of new people coming into the hospital, number of new infections is slightly down, but that’s basically a flat line,” Cuomo said Friday, warning here is still a long road to recovery ahead. “And that is troubling.” 

Cuomo also slammed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Friday for suggesting that states should declare bankruptcy rather than receive federal funding, calling McConnell’s words “a really dumb idea.”

Cuomo called the idea “the most un-American, un-charitable statement of all time.” The governor said New York gives the most money of any state to the “federal pot,” while Kentucky takes the third most out of the pot. “Just give me my money back, senator,” Cuomo said.

“I say pass a law allowing states to declare bankruptcy. I dare you,” the governor said.

Congress has passed four major coronavirus relief measures, including an interim relief measure which the president signed this week, but no significant funds have been allocated to assisting state and local governments.

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