Black faith leaders weigh in on next steps for nation after George Floyd’s death

After two weeks of protests, elected officials and community leaders are mulling solutions to the systemic racial injustices and issues of police brutality exposed by the death of George Floyd. CBS News spoke with black faith leaders about what people are demanding, what’s different about this wave of demonstrations, and how to begin tackling the ongoing issues of racial inequity.

The final moments of Floyd’s life, when a fired Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes, were gruesome. For some, it was another painful reminder of the long, sad history of policing for black people in America.

“…[Policing in America was] designed to control the movements of black people and therefore it always treated black people differently,” said Reverend Nelson Rivers, the pastor of Charity Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston. “There’s never been a time really, that the police have ever treated black people like their lives matter.”

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