Details Of NCIS Investigation Into Ashley Massaro’s Sexual Assault Claims Released

Warning: The following article includes descriptions of sexual assault.

Details of the NCIS investigation into Ashley Massaro‘s allegations that she was sexually assaulted while on a WWE tour have come to light.

As previously reported by VICE News‘ Tim Marchman, Ashley Massaro accused Vince McMahon of sexually preying on female talent in a statement before her death in 2019. In the statement, Massaro noted that she was punished for rejecting his advances. The statement was not initially released, but it was made as her lawyers worked on a sworn affidavit regarding Massaro’s allegation that she was raped on a Kuwait military base and that WWE covered it up.

In June 2019, the United States Naval Criminal Service launched an investigation into the allegations. has obtained the report through a freedom of information request. The full report can be found here. (H/t Ian Carey of

In the report, it is stated that Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFSOI) and NCIS conducted inquiries into the allegations. An interview with Massaro’s physician was conducted, as was an attempt to locate the alleged crime scene. The report notes that all logical leads were exhausted, and no scene, witnesses, or subjects were identified. As a result, the case was closed, as Massaro had passed away, and no road forward was found.

Interview With Physician’s Assistant Who Treated Ashley Massaro

The report states that NCIS was unable to determine the exact location of the camp where Massaro was treated. In 2019, NCIS interviewed the physician’s assistant who treated Massaro in 2006. This individual stated that Massaro was with a man was seemingly “acting skittish and strange” at the time of treatment, when she was complaining of abdominal and pelvic pain.

This assistant stated that Massaro seemed to be drowsy, but they did not have a lot of experience treating patients who were on drugs, so they were not sure. and she had a pelvic exam. In her affidavit, Massaro claimed that someone banged on the door while she was being treated, and the assistant corroborated these claims. According to the assistant, Massaro was lucid, and it did not seem like she was upset. The assistant said that he did not see Massaro crying or seem upset, and there was no reason to think that she had been sexually assaulted.

Additionally, it was noted that the Officer in Charge of the clinic did not want to be interviewed, and they would not do so without a subpoena. NCIS tried to speak with them as part of the investigation, but he was not listed as a suspect.

An attorney for John Laurinaitis has said that most of WWE management knew about Ashley Massaro’s allegations. More information is available here.

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