A less than mint DIY camera

Altoids Camera

Recently, I made a video about a terrible digital camera for kids. I took it apart, and someone said, “You should put that in an Altoids tin”.

Yeah. Okay, let’s do that.

First, I want to take off this paint so it looks cooler.

Now, we’re going to take the digital camera camera apart, and we’re going to use the inside shell as our template. We’re going to use it to hold everything in place.

I’m going to scratch in the areas inside the tin that I want to drill out and have for our button placement. Use the Dremel and cut out all these little spots. Very carefully puncture some little screw holes.

Now we have a trigger button, drill a hole for the lens, and there it’s coming together. We’ll put the SD card in and try this thing out. Actually, no. Let’s dry-brush it. I want to make this thing look kind of steampunk retro style, vintage looking.

And that’s an Altoids tin can digicam.

Altoids Camera

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