Canon quietly releases ST-E3-RT Version 3 flash trigger

Canon ST-E3-RT Version 3

Canon has released a new Canon ST-E3-RT Version 3 flash trigger (buy here). They haven’t made a big announcement, though. It’s just started popping up at retailers.

With a cost of $299, it’s the same price as the ST-E3-RT Version 2 predecessor (buy here). but does it bring anything new? Well, it’s difficult to tell. The quiet release suggests that it probably doesn’t.

Canon ST-E3-RT Version 2 3

The Canon SR-E3-RT looks very similar to its predecessor on paper. They both support up to five groups with fifteen individual lights with a 98.4ft range. They both support E-TTL II, Stroboscopic and other modes.

They both offer a minimum output range of 1/8,192 for extremely low light, fast duration flash. They both offer custom functions and personal functions. They both offer Wireless rear-curtain sync.

Canon ST-E3-RT Version 3

It likely still features all the caveats of the Canon ST-E3-RT Version 2. The Version 2 trigger was largely the same as the original, but introduced some new features.

  • It added rear-curtain sync
  • Minimum power goes down to 1/8,192 (but only with limited speedlights)
  • Added FE Memory feature that converts TTL readings to manual.

The new Version 3 trigger doesn’t appear to really add anything new.

Price and Availability

A number of people on social media do say they’ve experienced a bug with the Version 2 trigger that they hope the Version 3 trigger solves, but other than that, there don’t appear to be any real clues as to what’s new. If you’re not experiencing issues with the V2 then upgrading to the V3 possibly isn’t worth it.

If you’re determined to upgrade or you’re in the market for a new trigger, the Canon ST-E3-RT Version 3 is available to pre-order now for $299 and begins shipping at the end of March.

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