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standing up and working close in, connected by a safety wire to ensure there was no chance of going overboard. His Canon R5 meanwhile is encased in an Aqua Tech underwater housing, since so much spray is coming up that it would get routinely drenched otherwise.

The spray is a constant threat, and Felix has had to adapt his way of working, since if he pointed his camera in the direction it was coming from then, despite the weather sealing, there would still be a chance of water ingression. Instead, the camera and lens are pointed sideways at the craft if possible, to keep the field of view as clear as possible.

Felix’s fellow sailing specialist is highly respected pro Ricardo Pinto. “I worked before with the SailGP organisation on different events,” he says, “and my name came up when, during Season 1, they had to get a replacement due to injuries. My role within the team is to focus on the more technical and action shots, and it can be pretty stressful and draining sometimes.

“Sailing photography is pretty special, and it has to be one of the most challenging environments you can shoot in, thanks to the number of variables which are all changing at the same time. There are no two days the same, and shooting from a fast-moving boat, getting splashed and thrown around while trying to frame the shot can be quite a ride!

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