Leaks show new AstrHori 18mm f/8 Shift and 12mm f/2.8 Fisheye RF mount lenses on the way

It looks like Chinese lens manufacturer AstrHori has a couple of new lenses on the way for mirrorless systems, including the Canon RF mount. The first is the AstrHori 12mm f/2.8 fisheye lens, with a possible announcement date coming soon, according to rumours on Weibo. Images have been released, along with a basic set of specs. It’s expected to be released in Sony E, Leica L, Canon RF and Nikon Z mount.

The other is the AstrHori 18mm f/8 Shift lens. This one is also expected to be announced soon and offers a 99.2° field of view with a shift feature to adjust the perspective of the shot. It’s not tilt-shift, though, just shift. This one is only going to be coming in Leica L and Canon RF mounts – no Sony or Nikon version – according to current rumours.

AstrHori 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens

So far, just a few images and a handful of specs have been released of the AstrHori 12mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens. It contains 11 elements in 8 groups with a 5-blade diaphragm. It offers a 180° field of view on full-frame and has a minimum focus distance of 20cm. This manual focus lens is a hefty little beast, weighing in at 757.5g and measuring 100 x 90mm. It is reported to become available for Sony E, Leica L, Canon RF and Nikon Z mount cameras.

AstrHori 18mm f/8 Shift lens

The situation with the AstrHori 18mm f/8 Shift lens is similar. A few items seem to have gotten out, along with a handful of specifications. The lens comprises nine elements in nine groups with an angle of view of 99.2 degrees and a shift distance of plus or minus 6mm. It has a minimum focus distance of 34cm and a 68mm filter thread. It is extremely low weight at only 164g, measures 62x36mm and will apparently only be available for Leica L and Canon RF mount.


There’s been no word as to when we’ll hear official announcements for either lens, although both are rumoured to be getting announced “soon”. There’s no word on prices for either of the two lenses yet, either. Both of these lenses do look particularly interesting, and AstrHori isn’t exactly a high-budget lens manufacturer, so I expect that when they are available, the prices will be quite reasonable.

These aren’t the first interesting lenses that have come from AstrHori either, lately. At the beginning of last month we saw the AstrHori 28mm f/13 2x Probe lens at less than half the price of Laowa’s offering. Three weeks later, AstrHori released photos and specs for an upcoming 105mm f/2.8 tilt-shift macro lens. It looks like AstrHori might be trying to knock Laowa off their weird-lens pedestal!

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more!

[via Asobinet / Photo Rumors]

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