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11 Travel Trailer BIG NO-NOS! ⛔

There are things you should NEVER EVER do with your travel trailer. They can lead to disastrous situations, unnecessary costly repairs, and other really unpleasant things you never want to experience.

So, to help you avoid making some of these “somewhat common” but also some of the “least talked about“ RV mistakes… this is my rapid-fire list of the 11 important travel trailer BIG mistakes for both RV newbies and experienced owners.

Video Highlights: These are 11 important travel trailer mistakes to avoid covering topics such as drinking water from the freshwater tank without sanitizing, towing with the refrigerator on, opening the sewer cap with dump valves open, letting the RV battery drain, using a surge protector when plugging into electric hookup, closing the awning when wet, using regular toilet paper, not doing a final walk-around before leaving, overloading the trailer, driving too fast while towing, and not documenting camping trips. Use these precautions to prevent costly repairs and unpleasant situations.

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16 thoughts on “11 Travel Trailer BIG NO-NOS! ⛔

  • Another tip, if you are on full hookups never leave your dump valves open. Your liquid waste will drain out and leave the solids behind and will probably cause odor!

  • When we first started camping, I thought "as long as it fits inside the trailer, we can carry it"…..wrong! Thank you for your great points!

  • Learned from others mistakes and bought a clear dump cover. After having that, I bought a clear adapter to see when the tanks are done emptying. I've had stinky water from my tank and cloroxed it. After watching another youtuber, I noticed they had a faucet filter, I was carrying drinking water, now I can use my tank water or camp water and have great tasting water. (Britta)

  • Also when dumping it helps to double check all the hose connections. In my 1 year 1 day full time that's the only way I've spilled black water. Also helps to dump a tiny bit of grey first in case there's a problem it's not as nasty as black. While I'm at it I also like to fill my tanks before dumping.

  • I guess I can’t imagine why your knife valves would be open if the cap is in place. Put a composting toilet in and never worry about it again. Period. And the fridge. I used our absorption fridge running on all 8 units we’ve had over the years while traveling and never had an issue but that being said we’ve gone to a 12v compressor type so that can’t be an issue anyway. And, toilet paper? The ONLY reason people have an issue with plugging up the drain (or pyramiding) has nothing to do with paper type. These people are either not using enough water each time they poop or leaving the dump valve open while hooked up to a dump when camping. I’m not trying to start anything here but over the last 20 yrs RV’ing I’ve learned a few things.

  • Love these tips! I think four days is my max in one place

  • OMG! I loved this video. Camping is fun but it is an expierence with many haphazards along the way. Let's not scare anyone away! Camping is very doable for all who want to camp happy. Just do some research and get to know your RV. Thanks Randi!

  • These are really great tips Randi. I am reminded how exhausting and stressful it was to travel with our trailer. (didn’t have a Little Guy though) 😉

  • I've made all of those mistakes and more. One big one to always do is double and triple check your bumper hitch. Make sure the clamp is on the ball, make sure your wiring harness is plugged in, make sure you have your tow chains connected and not dragging on the ground. You do not want to have the trailer getting off the ball and you do not want to spark a fire from your chains dragging. Both can be really bad. It has been rumored that people in tourist areas have been known to unlatch the ball and take the pin out of your trailer. So I also recommend that you use a hitch pin in your latch to prevent people from tampering with your rig while you are in the store or gas station.
    But great video today Randi. How's your weather this week?

  • Thank you for the tips, Randi. I just pulled out my old set-up and take-down list this week. I need to redo it that I know to do, but just need to make sure I'm doing them in the correct order. I have the page taped to the basement flip-up door on the side where I have the totes for all the electricals plumbing, etc.

  • Good tips, Randy. The average about 30 nights a year in our travel trailer. Here’s to more in 24.

  • Randi, you are the best person with tips and tricks! I love the speed of which you talk and the information you offer in the description below your videos! I have learned so much information it’s mind boggling! I hope to camp with you again, someday! Gail (Happy Acres)

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