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4 things to Upgrade Immediately when you buy an RV

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38 thoughts on “4 things to Upgrade Immediately when you buy an RV

  • When I add it all up, my wife and I can stay at campgrounds with full hookups every night, vs doling out thousands of dollars in a futile attempt to save money. We are more destination RVers, and happy to pay a weekly or monthly rate. Does anyone agree with me? ๐Ÿค”

  • I still don't understand lithium? I have 800ah of lead acid. I set my controller to 400ah. I paid $600 for the batteries. They tend to last about 6 years. I can replace them 4 times for the same cost of 400ah of lithium. Lithium will not last 25 years. Charging system is less money should it need replaced. I can charge and discharge at any temperature. Please share with me the cost benefit analysis showing I'd be better off.


  • EBike rocks I built, over 3k drone works better for seeing what's ahead.. where road goes? My advice. God bless oh bike water proof.. helps allot.. stray sprinkler once soked… Never know..

  • So glad your channel showed up in my feed, just subbed. I agree 1000% on the lithium! When we first got our new 5th wheel we had it parked in our driveway plugged into a typical 20 amp outlet and the gfci tripped and didn't notice it for at least 3 days and as you guessed, batteries were dead. Lithium is addictive though lol. I originally just wanted 1 or 2 lithium batteries but that quickly turned into 4 batteries and a whole solar system installed. We're not big boone dockers but more of incase the SHTF we have a comfortable place to stay but we've had to use the system a few times at full hook up camp grounds due to their electric getting knocked out and it was nice to have specially when we weren't inconvenienced hardly at all and they comped our stay. Our truck came with a 32k rated Reese 5th wheel hitch but it's fairly heavy and takes up a lot of room in the bed so Ive been looking into a goose neck type hitch, even when I take the head off to lighten the load it's still a PITA!

  • YouTuber for several years, just discovered you and happy for it. Really appreciated this video as it cuts to the chase. We are in our 70โ€™s and retired with dwindling budget and good to be reminded about first up items based on style of being out there. We enjoy boondocking and donโ€™t have $15,000-20k to spend on the whole solar setup or a big bank of lithiums but are looking into picking up a few to speed up charging and increase efficiency. Will look at you other videos and research which brand to go with as there is a big price and quality spread. Subscribed. Thanks

  • Truck upgrades. If you don't already have them I'd install trac bars. Easier towing up Washington mountain passes!

  • Lithium batteries HAVE to have a special charger! Charger / inverter hast to be changed out also!

  • Just starting to do my research..I hope to have my rig July 2024… next year….some very important tips…as a safety professional I love this…that was great thinking..THANKS!!

  • Iโ€™m an old computer field engineer and I have never seen a splice connector that did not fail over a short period of time. My suggestion is to solder the connections. I would never use a splice connector on a RV with lots of vibrations.

  • Great information guys…I'm happy to be a new subscriber โค

  • Doing all the things. And I agree with all of your upgrades. I bought w replacement AGM batts 3 yrs ago, wish I'd known because we would have spent the $$ on lithium and been done. When those are wore out lithium will replace them.

  • The pull test is needed if you have what I would say is a lesser hitch. We have a BW companion hitch. Once the king pin is in place the arm automatically moves into place. Install the pin and it's not going anywhere. Simple to see and use. The down side is the hitch weights a ton. I have to have help getting it in and out. Our next RV if that ever occurs will be a Pin.

  • I have to take the time to give major props at how luxurious the inside of the camper looks, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'm not one for responding to most videos but in this case I'm going to. All of the suggestions in this video were good and valid. I would just re-prioritize them and it is for safety purposes only. I would put the TPMS system in the first place; let me explain. We were traveling on a Sunday. We had just had a separating tire replaced. WE were in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday when our TPMS system let us know that we were losing air on that particular tire. We were able to stop and change the low tire prior to the tire being damaged. When we got to a tire repair we were told that the valve stem was not replaced and it had "let go". Since we were towing the loaded toy hauler there was considerable weight on the back of the truck and it wouldn't have taken long to destroy that tire. Additionally, I don't know about the stability of the truck had the tire completely gone flat. That one incident actually paid for the TPMS system. The other items could be addressed in any order the owner would like to, but I'm of the opinion that safety comes first, always.

  • Goose necks are great as long as you have an eight foot bed in your truck.

  • I have an old 2000 Monaco dynasty motorhome so I donโ€™t have the hitch. I fly to a Honda pilot and put a foldable E bike in the back. I have a compressor conversion on my nor cold fridge and I went a little more on the batteries. I now have 800 amp hours of lithium. And I agree I love them. Thanks for the video.

  • Thatโ€™s a seriously amazing kitchen with home grade appliances. Are those also upgrades?

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