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5 Most Common Faults on Used RVs!!

Today I have a DIFFERENT kind of “Top 5” for you!
These are the Top 5 places I check RIGHT AWAY when looking at a Used RV.

I’ve been climbing in, on, and under used RVs for over a dozen years now. In that time I’ve seen some truly deserving the name “like used” and some that are absolutely Handyman’s specials and beyond. While there are certainly sometimes MFG build oversights which can lead to some issues the owners themselves are almost exclusively THE single greatest and most influential factor in the lifespan of an RV.

In this video I point out a few key areas and items I try to quickly eyeball when assessing a used RV before taking photos and recording our video tours. This is by no means intended to be “THE ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED FOR USED RVS” or anything like that. Rather, I’m providing this information purely as a courtesy to potential buyers out there who may not have full trust in the dealership or even private owner from which they’re buying.

I also never claim to be perfect and absolutely recommend using the information in this video when reviewing an RV we may offer for sale ourselves. I’m pretty good at spotting things but often my job requires me to move quickly and I cannot catch every single thing on every single used travel trailer, fifth wheel, pop up, or motorhome that comes into our inventory here.

If you’d like to see what used RVs we have in stock any time, then please take a look at https://bit.ly/3aNRaUH

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Also – Please thank viewer Rick Pittenger for taking the time to suggest these chapter marks!
01:24 – Roof Seams
02:17 – Roof Termination Strips
03:10 – Interior Top 4 Corners
04:34 – Braille Bumps
05:32 – Slides
07:07 – Open Everything
08:55 – Dealer Demonstrate the RV

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28 thoughts on “5 Most Common Faults on Used RVs!!

  • I live on the East coast and wouldn't think twice about driving cross country to buy from a reputable dealer like yours.

  • I really appreciate this info! But It would be great if I can talk my husband into a brand-new RV. 😁

  • As always, a really informative video. A follow-up video with info about what’s involved in fixing water and mold damage would be great!

  • That shouldn't of been bought, delaminated exterior walls, definitely has water damage. We disclose any damage we can. The owner says not to.

  • If they buy one these for a great price ,They'll caulk it , seal it, paint it and sell it.

  • Ty so much for all the great 👍 tips Josh. Keep on doin' fantastic things for ur work and YT.

  • So you don’t fix known problems on your trade-ins before you offer them for sale?

  • Ok, so obvious question. Is a more premium brand, like Winnebago, or Sol, or Revere, going to exhibit better " stand up to the elements "? ie; less problematic. OR, are they just as susceptible? In general, are they woth the extra money or premium pricetag.?

  • Thank you Josh, your the man!!, with the knowledge

  • Josh – you rock! Great info. I hope to make it to your part of the country sometime soon so I can buy you lunch. You have helped so much with what to look for and things to consider.

    Great info!

  • We took your advice before buying this used Rv..everything ck out and the seller pointed out the thing's that were slightly wrong..not pushy at all what is wrong..easy fix.
    Thanks from Fl.
    Hot 🔥 right now Thanks 😊 see you in videos, still learning things! Keep up the good work🎉 Lily

  • Do you have any information on the keystone arcadia 370RL? We purchased it. It's a 2022 . We are looking for information on putting solar panels on the rv also. Thank you.

  • The problem is the rv industry builds crap. Unless you can buy the upper end these things last 10 years if your lucky

  • Almost retired, 60. Looking into RV life, thank you! Imagine their face when I bring a ladder strapped to my Honda Accord 😂😂😂😂 and then they see me, an old hippie lady!! ❤❤ Jeannie in Lakeport California

  • Hay Josh is there a trailer out there with a open room for a office or crafts in it

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