Best RV Internet Options for 2023 – High Speed WIFI Review for Full Time RVers

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When you are a full-time RVer, you need good internet access, especially if you work remotely. But even just trying to plan your next stops requires the internet. You could always just tether from your phone, but really that is not a good solution where signals are weak.

When you purchase one of the bundles from Mobile Musthave you can rest assured that you will have wifi in your RV at all times; even while driving. That’s right, if you hard wire your modem, you can actually have a strong and high speed internet signal while you are moving down the highway in your RV. On our trip, we would often travel 3-4 hours per day, and so those hours were prime for my kids to get their school done. And since we had reliable high speed internet on the road, they could have their school work done while we were driving.

In addition, this internet setup is able to pull a strong signal from campground wifi as well. Often times campground wifi is a little too far away from your RV making the signal and speed weak. This internet solution actually pulls a stronger signal because of the antenna on top of your RV so that you can get the highest speed internet from campground wifi.

The whole package is a little spendy, but totally worth it if you need full-time internet access while Rving. The way it works is the antenna on top of your RV that is connected to your modem inside your RV pulls a strong signal from 4g and 5g cell towers and turns it into a wifi network inside your RV. Your modem acts as a wireless wifi router, so all devices can have high-speed internet inside your RV. It’s like having wifi no matter where you go in the country.

We have used this RV wifi solution while traveling full time in our motorhome, and we had high speed internet connectivity almost everywhere in the country that we went. Of course in real remote places, there will not be an internet signal. But most of the other time, we had our devices connected which was a huge help because you know how much you need the internet for GPS directions and even finding a place to eat.

I highly recommend this internet setup from Mobile Musthave. They make our RV travel much easier.

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