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Bullet For My Valentine – Hand Of Blood

Official HD music video for ”Hand Of Blood” by Bullet For My Valentine
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I saw you look away
Is what you’ve seen too much to take
Or are you blind and seeing nothing?
(I saw you run!) I saw you run away
Is what I’ve done too much to take
Or are you scared of being nothing?

#BulletForMyValentine #HandOfBlood #ThePoison


42 thoughts on “Bullet For My Valentine – Hand Of Blood

  • tremendoooo temazoooo lo flipaba cuando chico conduciendo con este tema

  • All these comments from NFSMW. Is no one really going to talk about how Matt can play the guitar that well and sing at the same time.. unreal talent. Quality to see live took my 9 year old wity me. He is obsessed with them! Another metal generation is born.

  • Ja conhecia a banda na época, mas essa musica conheci pelo Burnout

  • always set my setting race sound to this song on NFS MOst Wanted , its fells insane listening this sound while youre racing

  • One of my favorite songs to play on guitar back when I was in high school, so many memories and special times attributed to BFMV 💖💖



  • I was teaching a class in 2006 and I had a few dark looking unhappy students that listened to this band. I remember that they lit up so brightly when they found out I like this band and a number of others too.

  • Need for speed back in mid naughties like 2005 I think I heard this on PlayStation 2. Great days!

  • This Song is My Childhood and Lives RENT-FREE In My Head; Because I First Heard this Song Playing The Video-Game:
    [ NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED ] For The (Hand-Held PSP)!!!😎👍🏾

  • Então conhceci elas a alguns anos atras antes eu ja tinha conhecido essa musica da banda e aconteceu que as conheci elas me trataram mal eu não as olhei em um dia fiquei recentido de alguma coisa que elas falaram e não estava me sentindo bem deixei tudo pra lá porque não me sentia bem estava contundido elas estavam esperando a minha atitude de encontralas e bater papo firme de algo que eu queria mas eu não queria nada apenas me recuperar logo elas me maldaram e arrupia pois é bem na hora que voce faz o grito Noooo e na lucifera eu não as matei ela me fez de fresco boloia como soa na musica estamos casados e firmes hoje nos amamos muito. Acredito ter ouvido voce falar pra mim algo como voce não quer me falar alguma coisa e fiz esse comentario. Gosto muito dessa musica banda , hoje depois de tanto tempo olhei a tradução percebo agora que marcou e marca muito a minha vida nossa vida.

  • 2024 and still make me feel the same as when I was a teenager 🤟🤟

  • ❤ eu escutei esa música no need for Speed saldades 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • I used to listen to this while pking in Runescape. Best nostalgia

  • Легендарные синглы под легендарные игры

  • most wanted this, most wanted that…

    where my burnout revenge homies at?

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