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Empty Trailer Tour – RV Newbies! ⛺️ New Canadian Campers 🇨🇦

Happy Friday,

Yes, this is what you have all been asking for, the empty trailer tour!

Hope you enjoy,

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My name is Louise and i am documenting my move from the UK to Canada! Myself and my boyfriend Jake moved to Canada 26th December 2019 on a 2 year working holiday visa. We moved to Ontario near Niagara Falls and we are loving every minute! In 2021 we gained permanent residency to live in Canada long time. We have recently bought a trailer and we love to travel, so if you want to watch our adventures and see what we get up to make sure you subscribe! 😀


9 thoughts on “Empty Trailer Tour – RV Newbies! ⛺️ New Canadian Campers 🇨🇦

  • That is the most beautiful trailer I’ve ever seen !!! I can’t wait to see the decor when you add it.

  • That is the most beautiful trailer I’ve ever seen honestly nicer than some houses 🤣

  • First class tour of your well designed trailer….happy trails to you! 🤠

  • As soon as I hear the theme song to your videos I feel happy 😊

  • Great looking trailer! Great for two people! You have more counter space than we had in our 25 footer! You're MUCH better off to wait until your black tank is full before emptying it-avoids the 'Black Pyramid;! Your black tank gauge is often one of the first things not to work! Hopefully you can see inside from above when that happens. Flush the black , then the grey! to clean out the hose.!

  • That is lovely. No wonder you are excited. xx

  • The air conditioning unit doesn’t provide heat, the furnace is at the front of the kitchen cabinet at the bottom. The vent fan in the bathroom can be used for general ventilation, not just when showering. You might want to consider getting a portable camp stove to use outside to complement the barbecue. We have one and use it more than the inside stove. One tip for Jake, keep your mouth closed when dumping the black water tank in case of splashes😉

  • Beautiful Camper. First. The thing that rolls out from side and gives you shade is called an “Awning”.

    As far as your first Camping trip is concerned. Don’t forget the practical stuff. Like swim wear.

    Also I can’t help but think you are vastly ignoring the importance of the campfire.

    Get durable cookware for your camper. Stuff you know will not melt or go bad in or next to a campfire.

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