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For Beginners: 🔥RV FIRE SAFETY🔥- 12 Tips!

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26 thoughts on “For Beginners: 🔥RV FIRE SAFETY🔥- 12 Tips!

  • You POT HEADS out there….lol. I resemble that remark 😎

  • 35 plus years in the fire protection Industry, best or correct placement of a smoke detector is on the ceiling (30 ft on centers) not tucked close to corners or sidewwalls with obstructions like drapery, etc. Bias toward photo electic vs Ion technology sensors. Also, carbon monoxide detectors a must….the silent killer. If it was me I would have two detectors one close to sleeping area, another toward front, compensating for cooking area, etc. Plus if their is an emclosed cabinet with a lot of electronoics, etc, something to consider……

  • I loved it when you admonished the pot heads about smoking outside and the certain activities observation.

  • Hey: You guys forgot to include a segment on using a Buddy heater while you sleep L😂😂

  • When I did my research on Rv/ camper fires when buying my motor home I found out 44% of all fires are caused by the gas/electric refrigerator. Dominic has had a recall issued on all of theirs that goes back like 20 some years. Just food for thought

  • Gosh keeping the good tips coming and Sam and I have now been snuggled up on our Airstream couch for the last two hours with a cup of coffee watching your videos, no better way to start a Saturday!

  • Good video. Never use water on a grease fire. It'll spread the fire. Use a chemical extinguisher.

  • Great video! But you mentioned the rear windows that you tested it. As I always say, without videos it's …….

  • #13 Do away with the gas absorption fridge. Check out a RV salvage yard……..check out the burn outs and worse damage is on and at the fridge area.

  • 1. Propane is heavier than air, so a propane leak under your RV is a minimal hazard. You would have to be parked on top of, or very near, a fire source for there to be any real danger. But that doesn't mean it is not a good idea to check them for wear now and then.

    2. RV refrigerators that run off of propane are probably the biggest fire hazard in any RV. Add some solar and replace it with a 110V residential unit or a 12V unit that will be a lot more expensive. Not only are these far safer, they work far better.

  • Excellent video. I have been in the fire service from firefighter to chief for 45 years and can say that this is great video for RVers. Your segment on portable heaters is VERY important. All portable heaters area problem but the ceramic heater is a nightmare. Stay away from ceramic heaters.

  • Great tips, time to check our fire extinguishers. We thought about you while camping in Gulf State Park last week. I’m guessing that you’ve been there.

  • One thing to add. We keep an extinguisher in our truck right at hand while towing, cuz ya never know when it comes to “fir”.

  • One thing I recommend when it comes to your propane lines attached to your tanks. Spray some soapy water on them every few months checking for leaks. I had a leaky hose I discovered when I wiggled it a bit and you could hear the propane leak. I replaced it with stainless steel braided hoses from Amazon and sure enough 6 months later one of those was leaking slightly. I only discovered it by spraying soapy water on it. I don’t think the slight leak was a fire hazard but it was slowly leaking costly propane

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