For the RV & Camper Newbies

If you are a seasoned camper, this is not the video for you!! If you are new to this with lots of questions.. you came to the right place!

These are specific things we had questions about when we bought our camper! We had no idea what we were doing or how to work anything. Brittany searched all over the internet trying to figure out answers to our questions. We couldn’t find many answers online, we mostly relied on family members that have or have had campers to help us! This is the video we wish we had before our first trip.

Here are the things we are sharing:
1. No pooping in the camper
2. Your tank lights are probably not accurate
3. Don’t run your A/C off of a 20 Amp plug a lot
4. How to light the pilot to have hot water
5. What do the fridge and furnace run off of?
5. How to empty the tanks

Wondering why or how these things work? Watch to find out! If this helped you please let us know!!!