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FULL TIME Living in a camper! Legalities, tips and advice! #575

Living in a camper or RV full time can be challenging. We share our experience along with some tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable.

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44 thoughts on “FULL TIME Living in a camper! Legalities, tips and advice! #575

  • So basically, your trailer is just a room to sleep or lounge on. You have practically a separate house to do everything else. Why not just build a real house?

  • HOw much did the two of you pay for your barn to cover the RV?

  • I noticed your permanent decal is in Florida. Do you know if that varies by county? In Levy county, theyโ€™re not letting ppl live in RVs until you have a septic and power first and even then you have a limited amount of time to get your home built.

  • Thanks for the video this was really good information. I was considering the cost of the RV washer drier and then saw your video and it makes sense to simply build an accessory building for these things and keep as much out of the camper as possible.

  • That is about the same layout as my Salem forest river 31kqbts. I HATE the bathroom. I wear a size 9 shoe. You CANNOT have bigger feet what so ever or be real long legged. I was quite toasty at minus 31 degrees inside. Only water froze but nothing busted. Winds over 80mph were scary but not one thing happened. I just now got my 5 acres finalized. And I plan on keeping on in my trailer. I want a barn over it too. But yet to figure out what kind. Heard don't have it all enclosed due to fumes when propane is working. I made sure my land is MINE and I'm allowed to do anything I want on it. Course I'm looking for anything else that's more "house" like. Just hard here trying to find something

  • Iโ€™m finding out there is nothing worse than the US government and this is actually one of the least freest countries in the world

  • U win the lottery or something. Thats like 2 million in oregon to have what u got maybee more.

  • Good job touching on a lot of important points! As you said the laws vary per state, county, and city. Here you need approved building plans before you are given an address. No temporary above ground holding tanks are allowed. I built my home on 80 acres in the foothills 15 years ago. Now we are considering selling it and RVing (at least part of the time) on our other adjacent 80 acre parcel. I'm getting pretty old and not sure about starting over.new power, water septic as most have become both harder to do and way more expensive than they were then. I think your video will help me in my decisions. Thanks!

  • Just purchased a camper to live in and after looking around at several lots, I've found that, sadly, the bathrooms don't get much larger than that lol. even in larger/newer/more expensive campers.

  • I see you live in florida as well as i do.. i already have a house but i want a back up home. May i buy an agricultural land that allows mobile homes and install a trailer to โ€œlive permanently โ€œ even though it will be just recreational.?
    Iโ€™m planning to buy a land and leave the trailer/rv parked maybe under a metal roof as you did but iโ€™m not planning to live full time.. i just want to live it parked in the land as long as i want to.?

  • Hi there, great video. quick question. I have installed permanent connection to my RV to my sewer line beside the house that leads to the city line. I have installed sewer pump to pump it better, my question is, should keep the black and gray valve ON all the time, if not why not? thanks

  • godamnit why are people who live in rvs so insufferable i cant finish one of these fucking videos with you people its disgusting. I asked for tips and advice not a tour of your shit. just say the info time is ticking we're all dying and i gotta spend precious seconds listening to you wo goofballs pretend youre on TV? FUCK.

  • In Harris country Texas itโ€™s perfectly legal as long as you register it in Texas, have a Texas drivers license, and have a property certified for dwelling

  • My wife and I lived in an RV with a Malamute dog for over 20 years 6 months in Florida and 6 months in Canada. The only reason we stopped was she got cancer and passed away

  • them roof top ac units can reallly suck the juice! to bad you didnt have solar back then to help cut the cost!

  • We have mobile home parks that have permanent camper and rv living but you never know when that will change

  • I am 50 my youngest daughter will graduate in 2025 so I think a camper will be perfect for me and my Pomeranian

  • With rent getting so expensive i am definitely considering a camper

  • What kind of roof covering did you buy? How big is it and how much was it?

  • All the rules /laws / insurances are all money making schemes to force people to pay more. It's bs., won't do it their way.

  • Aka if they can't tax the shit out of you , you can't do it. Fk that. In my state on your own property you can have a camper tax free. Screw those communist states.

  • Im sure your experience has saved a lot of people tremendous frustration ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • 1st thanks 4 the video very informative … on to q#1 While hooked up to the holding tank did yall leave the drains open or did you close and dump every so often? … so many great tips and solutions in the video. We will be parked at My in-laws where a sewer pipe (to the existing septic tank) is going to be installed the power is close to where the Camper is going to be parked. I have a propane griddle (not a black stone but the same thing) and a pellet smoker/grill the camper has an out door kitchen as well plans for the pole barn are in the works along with a shop and storage building …. is there any thing I am over looking that I should consider?

  • Excellent info because I have been thinking of doing the same thing for the past year or so and now I really have a better understanding of what my options are. Right now looking at a couple of 8-10 acres properties in the Tallahassee area and hopefully before the year ends Iโ€™ll be starting the same โ€œjourneyโ€!
    Iโ€™m new to the channel and have been enjoying a lot all of your videos and will keep watching them for sure! Thanks and keep up the great work because youโ€™re helping a lot of people just like me, for sure!

  • Any recommendations on where to find good, quality building materials?

  • So, question. If you're moochdocking on family land that you will be building on, does this supercede the need to have a permit to reside? I mean, there's already an address on the property and the house might be being built further away from existing structures. Gonna have to check into that. Thank you.

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