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Here are some RV Terms Every Newbies Should Know – RV Newbie 101

Here are some RV Terms Every Newbies Should Know – RV Newbie 101. RVing has a lot of unique terms, definitions, slang and jargon and you will want to understand what other RVers are talking about!

Here are some RV Terms Every Newbies Should Know – RV Newbie 101.

Things RVers say: Understanding RV terms. RVers have a language all our own: Toad? Fiver? FHU?… what does it all mean? Join us, as Lynn and Danny explain some of the basic definitions for popular RV slang terms.

Here are some RV Terms Every Newbies Should Know – RV Newbie 101
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Learn some of the Basic Terms:
0:00 Intro
0:51 Opening
1:47 Dry Camping
2:52 Boondocking
3:06 Wallydocking
3:53 Moochdocking
4:22 Sticks & Bricks
4:40 Toad
5:33 Fiver
6:05 Shore Power
6:33 F.H.U.
7:31 Self Contained
8:04 BLM Land
8:41 Final Thoughts
9:09 Closing Comments

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  • This is a great video for newbies that hear these terms and don't understand what they mean. Great video! – Jay & Jessica

  • Great explanation of the terms that most RVers know, but some of the newbies may not. Loved the bit where Danny takes Lynn's $5 and puts it in his pocket. Haha.

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  • Great video guys – Good terms I have not heard before – Dry Camping = Camping without rain – 😆 FHU = Full Hook Up. Steve and Hiromi

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