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How to Start a Car That's Been Sitting for Years

How to start a car. Don’t just start a car that hasn’t run in a while. In this video I show you what to check before you attempt to start a car that has not run for 6 months or more so you don’t damage the engine.

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Where I won my car from: https://goo.gl/gQlqeE
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How to Replace a Fuel Pump: https://youtu.be/mDIlwbx0B-s?list=PLvKbarVtwhUtfd0HpR9IUCGGgXQRInyyu
How to Clean Your Engine Bay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRSoRkM8GcM
Does an Air Intake Add Power?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beSV_jZxR5o

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37 thoughts on “How to Start a Car That's Been Sitting for Years

  • Did the same steps , my 03 Ford Mustang started right up !! Thanks brother

  • Rip Drift Stang well if it’s dead then can you show us we haven’t seen in like three years

  • Hi, my name is Antonio and I’ve been watching for a while now. I’ve been really into cars and I want my first project car. I found one near my house and it’s really cheap but the owner says he won’t stay running and battery dies. But he put a new battery and new alternator? Do you have any thoughts or what to do?

  • I've watched so many Chris fix videos I catch myself saying, "good" every time I remove a bolt or proceed to another step in a maintenance process of a vehicle

  • Bro please answer im having this problem on my 2000 mustang and it takes a couple tries to start when its cold and i drive it and if i give it gas it sputters bad and when i turn it off and wait a couple minutes while the engine is hot it wont start back up until i let it cool down please help me i changed the spark plugs, coil wires, coil pack , camshaft sensor, throttle position sensor, coolant temp sensor, and i even thought it was the ecm so i bought another one on ebay and had that reprogrammed and its still doing the same thing

  • I'm about to ship my grandma's garaged 98 v6 convertible to my house 1600 miles away. After watching this I feel better about it. Just need to find help doing all this. I'm scared 😂 she also had a fuel pump problem but swapped it out and said it's running good. But even garaged, should prob do all this. I think it's been driven twice in two years.

  • Anyone got tips for fox body mustangs sitting for almost 20 years

  • The other way to start the engine is from the machine (I don't know where's the place)

  • That looks like a decent classic old mid-90's 'Stang. I'd would fix it up, not turn it into a drift car!

  • No… I'm not putting that gas in my lawnmower. Doing the smell test is the best way to know. If it smells rancid, it's not good.

  • Ford is known for giving a Rat's A$$ about where they put the oil filter, regardless of the vehicle's underpinnings. I have a 2014 F150 that is the worst vehicle to change oil on I've ever owned.

  • Some cars have protection against syphoning out gas, in which case is there an alternative way in which you can drain the petrol?

  • This is how the Chris mustang was born

  • If the car I am trying to start has sat for two years are there any additional steps I need to do before starting it? Or is new gas, new oil, and fogging the cylinders still all I need to do?

  • You could do anything wow when did you learn that

  • Do you think a Toyota setting in garage for 2-3 month is okay to just start it?

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