Installing a Residential Refrigerator in an RV/ Travel Trailer

Watch this video to see the step by step process of installing an off-the-shelf residential refrigerator in an RV. The old refrigerator was leaking ammonia and needed to be taken out right away. Once that was done we decided to replace this fridge with a residential off the shelf model that will only run on 120/110v. The cost savings is significant however we will not be able to run it while on the road or if we do not have a plugin where we are camping. For us that is not a factor as we always stay at state grounds and normally don’t travel more than a few hours. We can cool it down pack it up and take the trip, when we arrive just plug it in.

The residential refrigerators work much better than the RV models and in this case I only paid less than $250 for the project. If I were to have replaced the cooling unit on the existing fridge it would have been about $600 and for a new one it was over $1300.

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