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This is not a how to fix it, tips or any tricks in this video. It is more to remember to take time out of your day to enjoy the little things in life if you have forgotten how too. We know we are guilty of this. We grew up living in Minnesota but we never got out enough to experience what MN has to offer. That’s because work, activities, time and even money always got in the way. We decided to take time to enjoy some of the little things in life like taking Lola on walks, eating ice cream, smelling the flowers and even a boat ride! Hope you all enjoy 🙂

With Love,
Blake and Michelle
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We are a family of five on a journey to live smaller, to pursue more life experiences. We came to the notion one day that we weren’t feeling fulfilled doing the everyday norm. So, we are on a new journey in hopes to experience new things and grow together closer as a family. We hope our vlogs will serve as a purpose for actionable advice for those looking to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Whether it be living in an RV or just living smaller. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us! We want to inspire others that you don’t need a lot to be happy.

Living in a travel trailer, traveling the US, we plan to document our daily adventures as an open book. We hope you find value in our vlogs and subscribe to follow along in our journey.