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MISTAKE??😭 RV Newbies “Renovate” new Travel Trailer

Watch us TOTALLY WRECK our New RV in prep for a full RENOVATION.

Our precious little Grand Design Transcend Xplore 247BH didn’t know what hit her! We started by ripping out the bunk beds to make room for our mountain bikes… but boy did the dominos fall… removing the bunk beds required us to then take out the booth dinette which had hidden electrical wires. Did we bite off more than we can chew in this RV remodel?!

This video includes helpful RV renovation tips on how to remove bunk beds, how to remove a booth dinette, and how to prepare a trailer for interior painting.

Watch as two RV newbies turn their perfectly good Grand Design Transcend Xplor 247BH into their dream home on wheels. This is the 1st video in a DIY renovation series to turn this trailer into a beautiful and functional space. The end product will have a unique vertical bike storage area as well as a custom desk for remote working from the road.

So if you’re looking for RV renovation ideas, tips for small space living, or inspiration for your next DIY project, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back, relax, and join us on this exciting RV renovation adventure!
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Thanks for watching!
– Daniel & Caitlin

0:18 – Destroying our Trailer (intro)
0:45 – How to Remove Bunk Beds
1:37 – How to Remove Dinette
2:55 – Time to Remove BOTH Bunk Beds
5:34 – How to Remove Booths
7:03 – How to NOT get Electrocuted
7:46 – How to Prepare for Painting (Sanding Hell)
8:46 – The Point of NO RETURN
10:04 – Paint Prep for RV Laminate Stickers
10:28 – Cleaning up our mess
11:20 – RV Office Design
12:03 – Outro
12:20 – BLOOPS


2 thoughts on “MISTAKE??😭 RV Newbies “Renovate” new Travel Trailer

  • Haha, campin’ ain’t easy. This is a large project that not only tests the structural integrity of the trailer but also your relationship. 😂 Dig those green paint chips!

  • Looks like fun! We recently had to do some electrical repairs on our trailer…fun fun fun!

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