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Our 10 Most Used RV Upgrades (2011 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel Trailer)

In this video, I list my top 10 most used upgrades we have made to the OEM hardware that came with our 2011 Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer.

These are items that I would want to have in any new RV that I purchased based on our almost 9 years of full time RVing experience. Hopefully, it can be of help to new RV owners whether the rig is new or used.

See more in-depth information about each of the upgrades listed by visiting the links below. Cheers! Ray

1: Air Ride Pin Box – https://www.loveyourrv.com/lippert-air-ride-pin-box-review/

2: Storage Bay Locks – https://www.loveyourrv.com/rv-storage-bay-locks-really-secure/

3: Sewer Connection – https://www.loveyourrv.com/quick-rv-waste-tank-dump/

4: RV Door Lock – https://www.loveyourrv.com/rvlock-keyless-entry-door-handle-install-review/

5: Screen Door Bar – https://www.loveyourrv.com/10-must-have-rv-gadgets/

6: Holding Tank Monitors – https://www.loveyourrv.com/seelevel-ii-review/

7:Digital Thermostat – https://www.loveyourrv.com/rv-digital-thermostat-upgrade-mod-explained/

8: Bathroom Fan – https://www.loveyourrv.com/rv-bathroom-fan-upgrade-hengs-vortex/

9: Showerhead – https://www.loveyourrv.com/summer-rv-interior-renovation-project-part-three/

10: RV Furniture – https://www.loveyourrv.com/summer-rv-renovation-part-7-finished-results/

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49 thoughts on “Our 10 Most Used RV Upgrades (2011 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel Trailer)

  • I got a super chuckle out of the comment where the next time you buy a new RV you could buy it without furniture. 😅
    You don’t happen to have a video on how you made your daybed? I really like that.

  • Thank you for the detailed video. very helpful. thanks for the links as well. much appreciated.

  • Interesting… You went with the single wheels on the Dodge!!!???

  • The first thing I did in my motorhome was tear out the dinette and sleeper sofa. In place I sat a recliner love seat, a drop-leaf table and chairs… and had room for an 8 cubic foot chest freezer against the bathroom wall. The main RV 2-way frig/freezer went and a 6 cubic foot 120 volt frig only was installed. Both units combined use much less electricity than the RV unit (slightly over 1 amp and unlike the RV unit, these toggle on and off), and they have way more storage. Good place to buy beef??? I get 40 pounds!!! Chicken ranch… yeah I'll take 20!!! I've seen too many units burnt to the ground using the LP Gas for a frig. so I'm electric only. And… no more roof-top AC units either. A 12,000 BTU mini-split in front and a 9,000 in the rear for the bedroom. Both units running full blast pull less than 75% of just ONE roof-top, and they ramp down when max cooling isn't needed, so the max is rarely drawn. With lots of panels (9×265), and batteries (900 amp/hours), unlike most RVers… I CAN run the AC from solar!!!

  • I really want to buy a grab handle for my screen door. It would be so handy! Thanks for the tip! 🚙👍

  • Ray do you have a video on shower drain repair? I’m havering a hard time finding access to the bottom of the shower drain. Our rigs are similar I have the 2010 – 329rs

  • A neighbor of mine committed suicide. After a neighbor hadn't seen another resident for about 3 days she called the police. When they showed up we all gathered around wondering what was going on. The officer was trying to get the door open. I said wait a minute and came home and grabbed a bunch of keys for my coach and went back. I looked at the lock and picked a key I thought might work and handed it to the officer. He took my key and opened the door. He immediately started screaming at me " Why do you have a key to his house!!!! And kept screaming at me. I said I don't have a key to HIS house. I have a key to almost every Trailer here. These old coaches 1/2 of them will use the same key!
    The man was in the house dead at the dinette table. He'd been there for about 3 days. I stayed away from it. I knew the guy but we weren't friends. So if you haven't you need to install a deadbolt that you bought and have the keys for. Otherwise others may have key that will open your front door.

  • I must have missed it, can you tell me what the brand of the box is you store your sewage connection in. We are shopping for a camper most likely for a 2021 purchase and I am making a list of to buy items on Amazon and adding videos to a Camper folder on YT. Thanks.

  • My 2010 Cougar 5th wheel frame broke at the back of the pin box in 2010 when the RV was 3 months old. Dropped the trailer on my truck box while going 65 mph down the highway. Lippert failed to weld it properly from day one.

  • Thanks for sharing!! Is it possible to get an RV without furniture? So far I haven’t found a new travel trailer (in my price range) with even halfway decent furniture!

  • You’re right. “Junk” is the appropriate word for the furniture they put in RVs.

  • Great video, great list — as always, Ray. Your intro said, "if I bought a new 5er, I would do…" It surprises me you didn't include your battery/charger and solar panels. IMO, this is the mandatory first upgrade to do. I've also done most of your other suggestions (my wife is beginning to wonder 🙂 )

  • One thing I added to my rig is a tankless water heater. Now a family of 4 can shower back to back and not worry about the water getting cold. It is a Girard II I think.

  • I J B Welded a simple screen door handle real close to the “rv door lock” it works great for west Tx. winds!

  • Thanks for sharing your ideas really helped us a lot more than you could ever know. Great stuff.

  • Some of these are good even for the weekend-warrior types like myself. Swapping out the CH751 keys, screen door bar, and analog to digital thermostat are super easy and great upgrades. It looks like you're using some sort of cover on your in-door window. I'd recommend trying the Slim Shade (name recently changed to Thin Shade). Looks factory, build in shade, and, when the shade is up, you can actually see out the window. Takes about 20 minutes to install.

  • Our plumber guy (Savior Services) installed a shower head which attaches with a magnet… doesn’t wear out or break! Excellent!!

  • Hi Ray, this is Robert. We are still in Florida. Headed to the Tampa super RV show this coming week. Many of your ideas are absolutely great. Although I've camped my whole life full time is much different. Using campers made for weekends full time has its challenges. With patience and a positive attitude. It is rewarding.

  • CH751 keys are standard on most RV's and you can open any RV with one! I changed ours to the cylinder locks like yours several years ago.

  • Only problem with the RV lock for us, the pin which holds the inside lever in place, fell out. I replaced it with a long bolt.

  • Got the honeywell thermostat for my rv. Tried hooking it up and for some reason it doesn't run the furnace or AC. Wires don't match up to n the dometic digital one that came with the rv

  • Ray & Ann, I think you need to spend some time visiting the center of the United States so you can fill out you map on states visited. The mid west has allot to do and see!

  • Just bought my first 5th wheel, used 2006 Alpenlite. (Never heard of the 10-year rule before) but it is in excellent condition, in and out. Thought I could only buy new, didn't want to buy anybody else's problems. But previous owner really took care of this RV, to the best of my knowledge everything works. Have not yet had our first outing. Love your video, it was the first I've seen of yours. Liked and subscribed! Overtime I hope to implement your ideas. $ permitting. So keep the great videos coming, I'm just getting started.

  • Good video Ray…. I'm surprised your electric gate valves didn't make the list.

  • This statement is directed to the manufacturer Ray, not to you, we appreciate you!
    Too bad oxygenic manufacturer doesn’t really want to sell the Fury, because no store sells it in the entire country called Canada. Must not heard of us. I have looked everywhere and nobody sells the Fury model except amazon.ca and for $88 bucks and up they can go jump in the lake at that price! If the manufacturer really wants to sell it, then try making it competitively priced and put it in all the stores. But nop.
    We bought the body spa model many years ago for our small travel trailer, it cost $60 Cad and that was expensive back then! Its ok, not great, bit better than the RV original. We moved it into our 5th wheel that we now have, but gee keep seeing American utubers getting the Fury and liking it, And for a decent price! Sorry people but for $90 bucks and up, it’s a rip off! Somebody else needs to pump out a RV shower heads, then watch the prices drop, and stock appear everywhere! Too much monopoly.

  • I thought by now you would have put in a ln switch in the wall for convenience of the fan.

  • On your 'seelevel' monitor, did you keep the standard tank sensors, or were they upgraded with the new panel?

  • Always looking for tips and reviews on RV products and you always do a great job. Thank you!

  • Have you seen Gone Boondocking's Hour Shower video? Recycled filtered shower that can last for ages. He's giving away the plans and says the parts are under $350. You buy and assemble yourself. Neat concept, just wondering if anyone else has tried such a thing.

  • Off topic from your video, but your New Blue is always so clean. Do you use a dry wash product?

  • Always love the your upgrades. I do many myself. I am with you on how fragile many of the components rv manufacturers use as OEM. I am sure it’s price point related.

  • Hello, you did not speak about the tires and suspension – did you upgrade anything on that front? We have been on the road, only vacations, and had to upgrade the very low quality tires/suspension to a better setup with new leafs, new axels and chocks. Did this come up in your experience on the road as a full time owner? Thanks for all the great ideas and destinations. Rémi, Montreal, QC.

  • What kind of dirt are you camping on? It looks like sandy dirt in far away pics but closer up it does not look too bad to camp on.

  • The screen door bar is my favorite of all my modes. Changed the whole feel and sturdiness of screen door.

  • Regarding your Shower head mount issue.🤔maybe go to a machine shop and have them fabricate a piece of aluminum or brass holder.🤔enough to hold a bar soap and dissipate the strain in the fiberglass with the screws holes far apart with epoxy.😃💡 go to an automotive auto body supply store and make yourself your own personal shower head holder with soap bottle and shampoo holder. Make it with small sheets of fiberglass. Custom made by you.Use the same techniques used with fiberglass bodies RVs or Corvettes. Research it on YouTube.

  • Best recommendations I’ve seen on YouTube👍👍.🤔 I don’t know if this idea would apply to you but on class A style RVs weld on the back butt of rear two-four heavy duty caster wheels so when the backing is about to scrape bottom to asphalt. The cast wheels can roll over the surface area and the motor will pull you through.

  • Great info Ray, I’m in the market for a new shower head as you’re right the stock one is not very good.

  • Have you thought about running a cross over pipe between the grey and galley? Doubling your grey would be great. I know that would be a mod I would make for long term boon docking.

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