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Our BIGGEST RV Mistake after One Year Full Time RV Living

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Our BIGGEST RV Mistake after One Year Full Time RV Living — Lessons Learned, Mistakes & Regrets: This one year full time review is full of newbie mistakes, full time RV regrets, and lessons learned. In this video, we review our lessons learned along the way and a few of our bigger mistakes. What was our biggest regret? Be sure to watch to find out. Links for this video are below and if you want to skip specific topics use the following timeline.

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49 thoughts on “Our BIGGEST RV Mistake after One Year Full Time RV Living

  • I love the spot at 35:40 where the duck photo-bombs you. If we were out in the woods, that would solve the "What's for dinner?" dilemma.

  • We are watching to see what costs to expect other than obvious bills, etc. We plan to sell the house and go full time 2025. I am a retired truck driver, so the traveling will be normal for myself.

  • Never use a Debit Card for purchases or auto-pay. Use a credit card!!

  • Your safety procedures are a good example of military SOP used in everyday RV life. No excuse for being unsafe.

  • How do you think a low income single women in her early 50s , doing hair for community! Lol as my side gig would do? Financially, safety , maintenance and fitting in? Is it mostly couples?

  • Why are you using a generator instead of a solar system? Generators are very noisy and bothersome, require maintenance and logistics (like refueling), are heavy, take up a lot of space, and are bad for the environment. With a large roof like yours, you can easily install a solar system.

  • Thank you for the info, I'm retired Navy and we have been full time RVer's for a year now and always stay at Military bases. I hope sometime down the road we could meet up. Thank you again.

  • What about personal treasures like old family portrait or heirloom stuff you had for years

  • Notes on your phone for videos. Love it. RVing was my exwifes idea. Now I’m loving it and it’s my full time home.

  • You two are truly awesome. What a great post-military / retirement endeavour. Your channel focus is extremely helpful. I have been taking the steps you've often spoken about, to include a week-long checkout trip (my 8th) in -20F nights. Figured out to replace the blower sail switch to get the furnace to ignite! And previously I had to replace the cheap freshwater drain – which required some sheet metal cutting! Checkouts are a MUST. There are still some upgrade and maintenance tasks planned this Spring. Moving to fulltime once I take delivery of an F-350 and sell the house. And the purging has already begun!!!

  • Don’t know how you rvers drive so much. I drove every day throughout my life, and it affected my leg, maybe because of automatic transmission, not sure, but very painful after awhile.

  • Hey guys we drive Tiffin allegro red as well. Tiffin comes with the surge protector built-in. Are you suggesting to run a second one as well.?
    The other thing was the aha moment. I never knew that I can tip my waistline outward. I am going outside now to check that pretty cool..!!😎

  • Hmmm. I wish I had known about getting an inspection remotely before I drove out to buy my 2015 Airstream. The sellers said they never used it in seven years. There was weathering of parts on the outside, which were accommodated in the price, but when I got it home and started checking it out, the entire plumbing – all of it – had frozen and cracked because water was put in it and then never winterized in seven years. The sellers also said the Airstream was inspected by the dealer and all was good. I was just too trusting and naive. Having had someone inspect it before I even drove out there would have been perfect! I highly recommend people do this! Wish I had seen this video earlier! $3,500 repair!

  • Yes! Break down and set up. That just happened to us. We were there the whole time and no one bothered us to chat which is fine. The minute we began to break down here comes someone to chat and cost us a lost of 30 minutes in our routine…we left later and I forgot to pack up certain things. Yes! Great rule to adopt for our break down and set up. Thank you!

  • "Car", here again , Yall! GREASE IN THE SINK!? On those occasions when putting out the cooled down grease is not easy, put two layers of paper towels in the smaller bathroom sink to create a "bowl" shape to contain the liquid below the edges of the paper towel and slowly pour the the hot grease or grease /water into the towels. This works well to separate out the greater part of the pipe clogging grease! Be safe out there, Pilgrims!

  • "Cat", here! Whoops! Whoever told you that you can operate your slides with the batteries, only, is not your friend? Some RV's will not let things like electric windshield shades, slide outs and other safety-while-running-the-engine items operate while the engine is running. Which is reasonable. So, utilize the generator or campground power to energize you battery pack, listen for the relay tale-tale "click", before operating your slide outs! DO NOT USE YOUR BATTERIES TO OPERATE THE SLIDES, EVER! Why, you say? Using your batteries only puts tremendous strain on both the batteries and the slide out motors. Which can cause possible failures of the motors, wiring, fuses and other electrical components because the operating of the motors draw tremendous amounts of power, particularily the start "surge", creating sparking or arching and component killing HEAT! Extend the life of all components in the system by utilizing the shore power or your onboard or portable generators/genverters to operate your slides! Be safe out there, Pilgrims!

  • Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Great information! Looking to become nomads January 2023!

  • Informative video. I have a few questions.
    Did you pay for the backscreen image, or do you have to pay monthly for as long as the video is up?
    Is the Beauty Ring permanently mounted in the RV?
    Do you go back to sticks and bricks for highlights, or do you just Yelp for a local hairdresser to get your streaks touched up?

  • We have saved 10's of thousands of dollars by having the extended warranty thru GoodSam. We have a luxury class A diesel 44 footer and I would recommend anyone with a class A or B gets the extended warranty. If you have a Fifth Wheel then you probably don't need it. Roadside Assistance also needed with a ClassA/B. If you have a 5th wheel then AAA and a spare tire will probably suffice.

  • Hi. Its kinda hard to find the links to the items you mentioned in your video. I am needing to know the Temp control you use for your pet as mentioned.

  • For goodness sake's: why is mail even still a thing!!?πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜¬

  • I am looking to buy next year…. I can't go without ac. That's the only thing that holds me back. (medically cant go without ac…not just spoiled)

  • Working from the road for the Navy… I can only imagine the headache dealing with NMCI 🀒 πŸ˜†
    Great video! Thanks for all the info πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Help! I cannot find your amazon store, and Im desperate to find the wifi thermometer as well as the surge protector.

  • I’m noticing what might be a enlarged Thyroid on woman please get it checked soon

  • Great job on the video. In 10 years I am under 400 hrs on our Onion 5500 lp.
    I always enjoy your video and Thank you for your and Phill's service in the military.

  • Stacy you should get that lump in your neck looked at I hope its nothing to worry about. Congressional guys love the videos !

  • So many people have dogs or cats in RVs. I know they have parasites' and also leave odors, air and oils etc. Maybe they will bring in tics and flees too. I will not buy a rig that has animals in it… I know how neat it is to talk to animals … but maybe try a picture…. Check in on natural care for thyroid issues. Often it is diet related and soy is a big no no… despite vegetarian claims. Soy sauce is fermented and not a problem. Organic grown soy is till bad….

  • She's literally bossing him around, she dictate for him what to say. Are these two still together? There's such thing as divorce I see negative vibes here, he's yes ma'am that's not equal marriage.

  • I have to say I got to a trailer 3 months ago and not gone out get still getting it ready but when e ever I take it somewhere ppl come out where u going what u doing saying they will be out there also

  • We have 3 huskies is a large Dog an issue ?
    We used to belong to that Sam’s RV club thing and their campgrounds didn’t like the Huskies said they didn’t allow large dogs in their camp grounds at that time
    that was 20 years ago

  • Thank y’all for all the great information! My wife and I have just made the decision to sell everything and be nomads!

  • You can be enrolled in the VA healthcare system (and I recommend it even if you don't make a lot of use through them) and maintain your private health care. All it takes to stay active with VA is one yearly visit, and like you said that can be anywhere nationwide. My father and I are both in VA, and they just covered his 44,000 dollar hip replacement surgery 100%. Between VA and Medicare he's set, and I'm not that old yet but they take care of me just fine.

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