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Hey There Sojourns 👋🏿

It’s officially getting too real for us!!
We are super excited to say that “WE FINALLY PARKED OUR HOME.” Not for good our cours, Lol. In this episode we will be taking you guys along with us, so we can show you where are temporarily for the colder months. I think it’s safe to say we are here for a few months. Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing park tours/reviews to find a place that we can call home for now. We seen some amazing parks and the choices were kinda hard. When I say “Hard” there was a lot we had to factor in. Donnie and I communicated a lot during this transition and the RV park we choose… 🥁 rolllllllllll please!!!

ANVIL CAMPGROUND here in Williamsburg, VA. We decided on this park mainly because of the atmosphere and the amenities for the boys. Not to mention, all of the near by attraction that’s surrounding this quaint little gem. If you are interested in tent/cabin camping with your family, this park is perfect for you. You absolutely do not need an RV to enjoy what this Campground has to offer. Autumn is here and it’s our favorite time of the year. We wanted to be around beautiful scenery with smiling faces and Anvil Campground is nothing short of it. With all the amazing holidays approaching we couldn’t have picked a better park. I’m so excited to be diving into our new found lifestyle, despite the Highs and Lows 🥴

It’s getting so real too fast Sojourns🤯
One small minor detail, Lol. If you guys decide to make this park apart of your travels, it is close to a train track but you will still get rest. Thank you guys for coming back to the Vlog and we will see you in the next videooooooo ❣️

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