RV Life

Part 3 of 4 – How to BUY an RV – All About RV Shows and Salespeople

This is one part of a video taken from my new RV Masters Buyers Track video series! It’s all about buying an RV, which includes more info than just tank sizes and sales gimmicks!

As a former RV salesperson, and full timer, I know both sides of the industry and I can show you how the sales process works, how to best navigate it, but I also provide information to help you determine if you even want to get into RV’ing!

In all, it contains almost 7 HOURS OF CONTENT – more than any other series I’ve seen. It’s all you need to know about buying or trading an RV! And you can learn it from not only a full timer, but a former RV salesperson!

Videos include:

1. Start this adventure with your eyes open
2. Why it’s so easy to lose the RV buying game
3. Renting vs buying
4. Types of RV’s – Motorized Class A, B, and C
5. What you MUST know about towing
6. Types of towed RV’s – Campters and 5th wheels
7. Towable floorplans summed up
8. Motorized floorplans summed up
9. What options come with this model?
10. Ambiguous RV language: A cake is not a cake
11. New vs. Used
12. Questions you REALLY should ask before buying!
13. How to narrow down the search!
14. About RV shows
15. The “usual” RV sales process – recognize what’s happening!
16. See inside a sale
17. How to buy and save thousands
18. About trades
19. The sale isn’t over – about financing!
20. What you must know about Warranties and Service Contracts
21. About the walkthrough
22. More than just the RV
23. The most important thing from this series

These videos – and others – are available online at www.rvmasters.com.