RV Newbie How to install a RV vent cover ~ Full time RV living ~ RV Nomads ~ POA vlog

Welcome to our channel! We just bought our first RV, Woody, and we needed air flow, especially when it rains, so Fabian installed two RV vent covers! (Side note: we are not affiliated with Camco) Comment below if you have any stories of your own!

0:41 Clearing and cleaning the area around you
1:40 Tools and necessities needed to install
2:04 Nice to know before climbing on top
2:22 Marking the area
3:04 Procedures
3:11 Drilling
3:42 Installing brackets
4:00 Some music to cover background noise but so please read
5:45 Screws and nuts
7:00 Fast mode
7:55 Install vent cover

Let us know what you think! Comment down below if you have any questions, what we should try, or visit as we travel across America! Thank you for watching! Keep watching for more videos and please subscribe, like us, and ring that bell for more updates.

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