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RV Newbies license plate, breakdown, and second campground

We received our new plate for our RV and place then on the RV and then as we where headed to find a spot near the beach we experience a break down that all most put us out. but we remand calm and get towed over 60 mile back to our safe haven my mothers home. We where able to get the truck repaired the following day. We then headed out to the next campground Lake Elsinore Marina and Rv Resort. We chit chat about travel days and Rving.

Hello and Welcome to our Channel we hope you are able to get inspired by our journey and live life to the fullest. Our journey begin
April 14, 2014, our live change forever Will Suffered a Stroke that took his vision and memory and left us to figure out how to navigate our future. William became fully disable and I had to leave my 9 to 5 to become a full time caregiver. We lived 3 years in California with the rising cost of living but we survived as long as we could. We were giving the opportunity to pack everything we had up and move to Florida and live out the rest of our life with Will’s Mother.
We have been living in Florida for 3 years now but have found it to not be our speed. We love travel and have been inspired by other Youtubers that Rv to take a leap into Living and traveling in a RV. We are leaving the stick and bricks and heading back to California
to purchase a Rv and start a new adventure. While navigating with Will’s Disability and living our Dream.
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So it’s official we are now full time RV years we have our rig and we’re ready to hit the road but coronavirus has set us back follow our journey as we travel learn and love on the road.
4-3-2020 Maiden Voyage
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13 thoughts on “RV Newbies license plate, breakdown, and second campground

  • Congrats on getting to put the plates on your rig. Sorry to hear about your breakdown, but glad you were safe and able to get it fixed. My aunt and her family used to go to Lake Elsinore many years ago when the kids were young. Looks like you guys are doing great, Monique and Will.

  • Oh no, nothing scarier than breaking down while traveling, but you made it out camping! Hope you guys were able to relax & enjoy!! 😊 -Annelyn

  • Sorry to hear your having truck issues. Exactly like y’all said, stay calm, and put plan B , plan C in motion… Thank the good Lord y’all are safe! Blessings to you both…. Happy Fourth of July! Hugs πŸ€—

  • I had the ball join on my smart car trailer break and had to have the bearing repacked or replaced IDR but thank God someone at the rV was a tractor trailer driver so he helped me. BUT I only saw one and then he said let's check the other and had we not we wouldn't have seen what was lurking behind the scene. And yes it needed to be replaced. Good to make friends when RVing!

    Travel days are stressful with and without car problems!!! I am always tressed when we move the RV. I like to have 2 days minimum to decompress when I move.

    Also, make sure you have the AAA Premier for RVs. I pay about 280-300 for a year and use it on all my cars. It covers any car you're in not just the RV. I've used to to tow trailer for me and pull a 40 foot bus out of the mud and lots of other fun stuff over the past several years. πŸ™‚

    – Bloggin Brandi

  • Sorry that happened but remember its just part of the journey. Send out many prayers for you guys and hope to see you out there one day.

  • oh that sucks I was about to say didnt that happen once already… Glad your settled now sorry for the rough ride.

  • Wow that looked scary,so glad to hear the truck got fixed and now you can just chill and enjoy the 4th of July weekend togetherπŸ™πŸšπŸ€—πŸŽŠ

  • So happy our besties in the Westie are safe! Scary being stuck on the side of a highway!! Could always be worse. Stay safe!

  • Oh my goodness, You guys are just going through the worst run of luck with things. You are keeping up great spirits. I love it when we get a place when there is no one next to our camping side of the RV. Take great care and stay safe. (quick hint, make it a habit to always wipe your lens down before filming-I had to learn this as well) β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘ Donovan & Jodi

  • OK it is officially yours now without a license plate. LOL hey I noticed you're now at 400 subscribers!

  • Boy that stinks about the ball joint.

    I think I’d rather have a tree than an awning anyway. Unless it was raining. πŸ˜‚

    Have a great day and be safe out there!

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