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RV Newbies | Update About us And 10 Questions Rv Challenge

We are Challenged to answer 10 Questions about RV living/ and even though we have not purchase our RV yet we are still bale to answer the question accordingly. These Questions are from our fellow Rv YouTubers, POA Proceeding Onward in America, who are fulltime rvers and are a great couple and channel to watch. In return we Challenging 3 For the road RV, Adventure Endeavor, SilverTurtle65, RVBlogger, The Traveling Pieces, Outdoorstaycations, The Wandering Wyatts.
#1… If you could change or add one thing on your rv what would it be?

#2… What’s something you didn’t expect when you got your first rv?

#3… What was the deciding factor to buy your first RV?

#4… What’s your favorite meal to cook at camp?

#5… What’s your must see RV destination?

#6… What’s your favorite thing about rving?

#7… What’s Your LEAST favorite thing about rving?

#8… What’s must have on your next RV?

#9… What’s your favorite adults beverage at camp?(if you like adult beverages)

#10..What’s your favorite INDOOR Rv accessory?

So Please Take the Challenge and drop us a message and let us know you have taking the challenge.

3 for the Road RV

Adventure Endeavor

Silver Turtle 65

RV Blogger

The Traveling Pisces


The Wandering Wyatts

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Hello and Welcome to our Channel we hope you are able to get inspired by our journey and live life to the fullest.
Our journey begin November 2012 and on April 14 2014, our live change forever Will Suffered a Stroke that took his vision and memory and left us to figure out how to navigate our future. William became fully disable and I had to leave my 9 to 5 to become a full time caregiver. We lived 3 years in California with the rising cost of living but we survived as long as we could. We were giving the opportunity to pack everything we had up and move to Florida and live out the rest of our life with Will’s Mother. We married on April 20, 2018.
We have been living in Florida for 3 years now but have found it to not be our speed. We love travel and have been inspired by other Youtubers that Rv to take a leap into Living and Traveling in a RV. We are leaving the stick and bricks and heading back to California
to purchase a Rv and start a new adventure. While navigating with Will’s Disability and living our Dream.
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