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RV Tankless Water Heater. Should I Get One? (Pros vs Cons)

Deciding what kind of water heater to get for your RV? We talk about the Pros and the Cons of a tankless water heater after using it for a year.
Here is a link to the unit we have
Water Heater. https://goo.gl/dC6dso .
Matching Door https://goo.gl/Baodrs

No matter what water heater you have if it is a Suburban water heater or an Atwood water heater it is always good to look at your options and see what will fit your needs. We went with the Girard Tankless water heater (GIRARD GSWH-2 TANKLESS WH) and have been happy with it but it doesn’t come without its pros and cons. We hope this video helps you out and you enjoyed it, if you did please Subscribe to see more in the future.

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