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RV Winterizing – Easy Step by Step Process for Beginners (Antifreeze Method)

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How to Winterize a Travel Trailer – Are you winterizing your RV properly? Did you know there are winterizing steps that are often missed in many owner’s manuals? This video shows you how to properly winterize your RV. We are demonstrating on a Grand Design Imagine 2150RB, but the process can be applied to all RV’s.

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❄Winterizing Steps (Standard Panel Plumbing)
1) Connect shore power & open slides.
2) Release pressure at water heater, then drain water heater. Close pressure release valve.
3) Drain low point drains
4) Drain fresh water tank (leave water tank valve open).
5) Bypass water heater.
6) Blow out fresh tank fill line.
7) Blow out city water line (leave a faucet open while connecting & disconnecting air)
8) Blow out fresh tank gravity fill.
9) Blow out black tank flush port.
10) Switch valve to syphon water into water pump. Insert hose into antifreeze
11) Turn on water pump, run antifreeze through all faucets, toilets, spray ports & low point drains.
12) Turn off water pump.
13) Clean up antifreeze splatter immediately.
14) Place paper towels under each faucet to prevent staining from residual drips.
15) Drain waste tanks, close waste tanks & fresh water tank valves.

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31 thoughts on “RV Winterizing – Easy Step by Step Process for Beginners (Antifreeze Method)

  • Ross, this is probably the best winterizing video I have ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few. I even posted one a year ago and I’m not ashamed to say yours is much better and more informative. You have an amazing talent for these RV tip videos and I’m so glad we found your channel. Great job friend!

  • Should mention you can be hurt if you do not relieve pressure from water heater tank before removing the drain plug/anode. That thing will shoot out under pressure after you loosen it and it will hit whatever is in front of it with a good amount of force. Don’t put your face there!

  • Awesome information – thank you – i am in the process of obtaining an Imagine travel trailer. I went to subscribe then realized 🤔 I already have.

  • Dang mine used over 4 gallons of antifreeze using the hose on the water pump my question is since i only use city water and not water from fresh water tank would it be better to just dump the antifreeze into the fresh water tank and let what i do not use stay in the tank until next time i winterize or would it start stinking in the tank?

  • That was the clearest explanation I have seen yet. I am new to this, and still a bit confused, but this has helped tremendously.

  • I'm using a standard air pump to winterize my trailer. The kind of pump you use to inflate vehicle tires. The problem is I don't know how to limit it to 45 PSI. The pump says on the side of it that it is a 150 PSI pump. Any ideas how I can regulate the pressure or if it's okay to use this type of air pump for this purpose?

  • How much water are we leaving in the black tank? I know you said to empty the tank but isn’t the rule of thumb to always keep water in that tank. Not sure what applies when winterizing.

  • So don't keep 10-15 gallons of water in the black tank over the winter?

  • "Hello, is it safe and effective to add antifreeze to the grey and black water tanks of my RV while I'm living in it full-time during winter? What would be the exact recommended amount for 50-gallon tanks? I would appreciate any advice or experiences you can share."

  • Great video. What size socket is needed to remove the water heater drain plug?

  • Hey anybody need to know how to winterize this is by far the best great job sir

  • Hey Ross. Awesome videos and information. We're new to the RV travel trailer community and using your videos to gain an education on all the things. Any tips from you or the community on the best method to re-seal around the outside compartments, lights, windows, etc? We bought a used RV and it looks like the last people to do it were a bit over zealous with the caulk. It's yellow and thick around everything. I'd like to clean it up and reapply the best product recommended.

  • I bought my camper new in 2021 and I was curious where the 2 low point drains are are those just caps on the ends, and there almost completely covered with the spray foam. Do I just move the foam out of the way and open both caps? This is the first year I ran any water to it so I didn't have to winterize it before

  • I want to run antifreeze in my travel trailer but i do rent it out over the winter on weekends obviously they can't use the water in the rv but maybe put some in the drains bc I still let them use the bathroom #1 of course and use bottled water to clean and stuff to still go in drains. My question is should I just put a gallon or so in all of my drains so it doesn't freeze? I dump it after every use

  • This was my first time winterizing my RV and let me tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH. Everything you said I did and I was ecstatic when everything worked. Awesome video PRO

  • yes, yes ! GREAT video!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive been RVing for 14 years and winterizing is still confusing-this video clears up everything!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Should I be concerned about water draining from fresh water valve when I start the furnace? Left fresh water open for a week before planning to winterize (above freezing at night still, no moving). Turned furnace on at 40° this morning and water began trickling with a heartbeat from fresh water valve. I opened the low points this morning and one was still draining. Also released hot water in back, nothing came out there. Just went to the low point. Thanks !

  • joe here , First Thank you , Second, yes we subscribed . Your insight was by far the best that I have you tubed. Step by step and the end extra wisdom . Food tires s jack all batteries details details great . WELL DONE

  • Great Video! Professional and to the point. Thank you for the good work.

  • Are some campers equipped with an automatic switch for city to potable tank? Or maybe a pump that has a split?

  • This is my 1st time winterizing my camper. This video is the absolute best resource I have found!! Thank you so much for being so thorough! The diagram for bypassing the water heater was so helpful! I feel like I can not only winterize the camper, but I UNDERSTAND why and how things work so much better! I look forward to other videos!!

  • PLEASE HELP, I drained everything, I put almost 4 gallons of antifreeze in my RV, when completed, I turned on each faucet one at a time with my water pump on, and no antifreeze at all is coming through any of my faucets. I'm so confused..

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