Top 10 RV Newbie Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the Top 10 RV Newbie Mistakes. Driving down the road in your new RV can be exciting yet a daunting task. There are so many things to learn before you hit the road and enjoy the floating life. Check lists are helpful, but some things are not as obvious.

1. Secure Cabinets
2. Don’t Jump Ditches!
3. Install TPMS
4. Install Topper Properly
5. Dump Toilet Brush Bowl
6. Turn Off Flush On Black Tank
7. Retrieve Awnings
8. Lock Door
9. Lube System Including Leveler Jacks
10. Consider TOAD Vehicle

Since we started full time living in an RV, no doubt we made some mistakes ourselves. In this video we list 10 mistakes we have made so far. We hope fellow RV newbies can benefit from our experiences. See you down the road!

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