Top 10 Things To Know When Buying An RV As Newbies

Are you planning on buying an RV? Here are 10 RV Newbie Tips for buying.

Choosing the right RV can be a daunting task. There are so many questions about features and types of RV’s that you need to ask yourself:

– Do I buy new or used?
– Will I go boondocking?
– How much stuff can I store in my RV?
– What is the difference between a Class C, Class B, Class A?
– What pickup truck do you need to haul your 5th wheeler?

Purchasing the right RV for your lifestyle needs is always the number one challenge for RV newbies. Whether it is resale, reliability, floorspace, storage, road handling, comfort in ride or just the floor plan; your first purchase is a big decision.

Things you need to consider:

1. Have a vision about how you plan to use your RV
2. Where do you plan to camp?
3. Are you going to Boondock or park at RV Parks?
4. How many people will the RV need to sleep?
5. How will you travel once your camp is set up?
6. What is your budget?
7. How easy is it to drive?
8. What are the “must have’s”?
9. Will you finance your RV and what is your budget?
10. What are your long term goals or plans for the RV?

There are so many styles and type of designs that it can be hard to understand which RV is perfect for your needs. We give you 10 tips to help you decide on your which RV to buy.

Our research has proven to be effective RV buyers guide in choosing the right RV. We hope our experiences may help every first time buyer to make a better decision on how to choose the perfect RV!

Comment below if you have questions and we will help you answer your questions.

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