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Two Tips to Keeping Your RV Smelling Fresh

You want to keep your RV smelling fresh? Here are two tips to keeping your RV smelling fresh.
These are a couple of the best DIY tips to do just that when you store it.

The first, I’m calling it the “RV Cocktail.” All of the products for it, you can pick up at the Dollar Store and it will help to keep your RV and your tanks/drains smelling fresh

The second tip is even easier, “Kitty Litter!” Use it in a container out in your main area when you store your rig and it will help to absorb odors in between RV trips!

Here are some links to information in the video:

“RV Toilet Cocktail” Recipe
8oz Baking Soda
Pine Sol
Fabric Softener

In a two gallon container, pour 8oz of the baking soda in. Then mix about 8oz of warm water and stir. Once the baking soda is dissolved, add in 8oz of Pine Sol, Fabric Softener Ammonia and mix. Finally fill the rest of the container with water, stiffing until you reach the top. And then take the “cocktail” and pour it down all drains, leaving the bulk of it for the toilet. Open the toilet and pour in about a gallon, leaving some to fill about a quarter of the bowl when in storage.

St. George Island State Park

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