WE BROKE OUR AIRSTREAM AWNING! // RV newbie mistake fixed at Airstream Factory in Ohio

After our 12 mile hike, we came home to a major rv mistake! 🤦‍♀️

When our Airstream’s awning was destroyed by a rogue storm in Townsend, TN, we were heartbroken. We couldn’t believe we had made such a silly and costly rv mistake less than a month after we had moved in.

Thankfully, we have insurance, and the Airstream team made getting it fixed simple. Dare I even say – fun? We got to visit the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio, where our baby was made.

This video is a cautionary tale for all RVers. Don’t ever leave your awning out when you aren’t home or when you’re asleep! You never know when something crazy might happen and it leads to an rv mistake you wish you hadn’t made. #RVmistake

__ ⏱️ RV MISTAKE VIDEO CONTENTS _________________________

00:00 – What happened to our Airstream’s awning
00:07 – Meet entrepreneurs Lauren and Daniel
00:35 – Getting the awning removed
01:12 – Daniel shares how common RV awning mistakes are
01:55 – Our game plan on how to get it fixed at the #Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, OH
02:23 – Making the pilgrimage to the Airstream Factory
02:38 – Arriving at the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio
03:00 – Getting our RV checked in to get the awning mistake fixed
03:38 – Hanging out at the Airstream Factory to work remote
03:52 – Grabbing lunch nearby at J. Maries in Wapakoneta, Ohio
05:10 – Lauren talks about the awning and the Airstream Teraport
05:45 – Admiring the Airstreams at the Factory
06:14 – The awning is fixed! Daniel shows it off with the Airstream app
07:02 – Dinner at an Ohio classic, Skyline Chili
08:44 – Lesson learned? Always retract your awning #rvlife

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