What Would We Tell Our Newbie RV Travel Selves? Full Time RV Travel Tips

As we reflect on our 2019 journey, we thought of the many things we wish we could have told our newbie RV travel selves.

What would we tell our newbie RV travel selves? We are focusing on eight things we would tell our selves before our full time travel began. We learned that even though we were full time stationary RV living for awhile, RV travel brought a new set of learning opportunities.

So, here they are…
1. You don’t need as much as you think you’ll need. We share some things we thought we needed, but didn’t. Purging is ongoing!
2. Expect wind, lots of wind, RV rocking wind!
3. Find your travel day sweet spot. How many miles? How many hours?
4. Towed hook-up, campground set up and break down – It get’s easier!
5. Plan on using your onboard fresh water. No water hook-up is more common than we thought.
6. Boondocking – Don’t be afraid to do it!
7. Resupplying is easy!
8. Plan ahead when traveling through touristy areas, in the summer, and on weekends and holidays.

These are just eight things that we would tell our newbie selves. Truthfully, you never know what it’s like until you do it. One more thing I would like to add to this list. We already loved our full time RV life. What we didn’t know was how much more we would LOVE our full time RV travel.

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