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Why is Everyone Quitting RV Life? A SHOCKING Admission

A Shocking admission about my 7 years of RV Life.
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38 thoughts on “Why is Everyone Quitting RV Life? A SHOCKING Admission

  • I was done with video when I saw the t shirt. Why not just have a t shirt that says “I’m a Moron” ?

  • Nothing is our's….. Including our own body….. So don't be disheartened… I am a traveller. Now going to build my own caravan and start travelling through out India. Guess who is my Partner… My pet Sara… We did our Himalayan trip with my pet on bike 45 days, no hotel stay… Own food .. it was really good… Now we are going to do on our SUV . MY Youtube channel " NativeTraveller47 "

  • We have a close 65 yr old solo nomadic friend and YouTube blogger that was having the same feelings a few yrs back. The boredom and overwhelming loneliness was definitely giving her anxiety. We discussed it and now I know this is not for everyone but she looked into work camping and she ended up loving a little job she found in NM as a rv campground maintenance person. Not only did it fill the voids but it gave her a little stability and plenty of people to talk too. Plus some Cha Ching to boot. Been just over a year now and she still a happy camper.

  • RV life has many challenges but keeping it stealth in an SUV and cargo trailer is much easier.

  • Not wanting to leave you RV, can also happen to those of us, who live alone in our permanent home. Especially, with COVID. Curbside pkup, product deliveries for everything, got so easy. Scary thought, but it happens. Especially, as we age & our health begins to diminish.

  • Running to something or running away from something. A goal sets your life's compass..

  • Every new environement or way of life , after a while become a routine; even a piece of land !! after a while, after building and gardenning, it becomes a routine, that's life, like sleep, get up, eat, work or not. it's not a matter of kind of home, on wwheels, tiny house, mansion, cabin, the matter is , what are you doing of your life, what are you create ?? to make you think, share, give, enjoy. some people are very depressed at retirement time cause they have nothing eslse in their life thzn work !! having a piece of land, even a little one to park or jsut install a little cabin is enough for me. travelling, is not my goal, my goal is to spend less, minimize every cost, to be able to do what i like to do, create, even if if this artwork give me a little money, if it's enough for living, it's ok !!

  • Been there done that has come and it’s just A-Ok to leave the RV life and find your next place of happiness!!! ❤🏡🪴🪸🍄

  • Hello Carolyn,

    We are a French couple who want to buy a motorhome for a road trip in North America. We just found the same vehicle as yours online that would suit us perfectly. With your experience can you tell us the essential points to check? We thank you and wish you good luck. Stéphanie and Frédéric new subscribers.

  • In real you told the history of settlement of human kind and the reasons behind it …. next to agriculture!!!

  • Fantasizing about a life and hearing from someone who has been there and done that is very insightful…. I appreciate this post. Thank you.❤

  • Hello I was thinking about living in a RV fulltime I have questions about this

  • Don't think of permanence. Life is an adventure and there are many lives to be lived. Embrace changes. Find new challenges, and new opportunities to learn.

  • I am not living in an RV but have been considering. I am so thankful for this video. I think you are so correct about we are adventurous people and about how selfish and discourteous people have become. Thank you for your knowledge. I will take the time to truly decide if I want to take the plunge.❤

  • Talk to a successful person (good job, own home or apartment, circle of friends, etc) but single and you will find they are in the same situation. At some point another successful year on the job, another fabulous party, another meal at 5 Michelin star restaurant, another luxurious trip abroad becomes routine.
    The reason is you have nobody to share your experiences with.
    Only a few people can be happy alone, most people need other people that are more than casual acquaintances around.

    You don’t want a garden – you want neighbors – people to share even a small part of your life with.

    Read this old book “Man’s search for meaning “ by Victor Frankl.
    All the best.

  • Thank you for this video and your honesty. As soon to be retired, I think at some point as we get older and break free from the daily grind, we all want to set out on an adventure. However, I can see the inner struggle that comes from on one hand not wanting to give up the roots we have established, the creature comforts, the friends, an d all the rest of the trappings that come from a full life of being settled: but the allure that we have missed things along the way. The fact that we want more out of life and quite frankly the fact that our mortality comes more into focus as we age. I believe our decision to RV travel a couple of months and home base a couple of months for a few years is what will suit us best. Not the option for everyone, but completely giving up the home base is not on our bucket list. Thanks again for sharing your experiences and RV lifestyle wisdom.

  • I don't fully know your situation, but maybe consider driving down to South America. There's an awful lot more of the world to see instead of just the USA. My wife and I took a road trip through the USA, and I also spent three months riding around coast to coast on my motorbike. Had a ball, there are some parts of the USA that are jaw droppingly beautiful, but we have also been to many other countries like Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, all over Asia, Europe etc and there is so much of this fascinating world to explore.

  • We are 'all' looking for something new! Our societal changes have caused a sense of 'burden' in many of us! And harder to find 'renewal'! 😢❤…

  • Ever thought of having some permanent property in several locations. That way you could park there, have a garden and be able to go there during certain times of the year when the weather isn't good in other parts of the country. My dad did that! He always had a place to park his RV that he didn't have to pay fees for he had electricity and water brought in basically to an area where he had a concrete block placed and he can park his RV their 24/7 12 months a year if he wanted to. South Parks allow you to purchase a plot! This would be perfect for retirement also because at least you're saving towards something or when you get to the point that you can't travel on the road anymore you have a permanent place to place to park when you get older.

  • You described exactly how I feel… I am almost 2 yrs on the road full time by myself without a partner. I have travelled all over the country and completed my bucket list … I’m burnt out from life on the road and just feel done … I’m doing one last long trip that was planned to Alaska & Canada and then I afterwards I’m coming off the road and going to take a rental in a small town… maybe I will do short trips down the road in the future, but that’s it …

  • I’m new to your channel first time watcher. Good one to start with. I subed. I am more of the van life type instead of pulling a trailer. I didn’t do a van. I have a 4 runner and I’ve traveled allot and had a good one. But now I’m leasing a home in Texas from friends and my health has gone down some. I had a severe back injury in my 20s. So now it’s coming to age. I’ve been a widow for 23 yrs. My back injury is intensified. I have to have procedures now and then. I use a cane and I now have a wheel chair if it comes to that.

  • Fulltimed 10 yrs. Workcamped 8 yrs. Loved it miss it and can't afford to go back. Like you said things can change !

  • I've lived in a RV for over 8 years for work. Now I can't find a place that will allow you to bring my camper that's over 10 years old and older. The camp sights are being bought up by the big corporate companies that are tied to the people who sell the campers and want a turn over of camper sales. I found some really great used campers. But they only had a few years left to get in a camp sight for long term parking. And the new campers are not made like they were several years ago. They fall apart and leak, or the frame flex ordeal.

  • People get bored being stuck in bricks and sticks too, bored senseless, challenges face us wherever we live, whatever we do. We need to be at peace internally and most of us aren't. I utterly hate where I live and I hate not having money to change that, and if van lifers struggle with boredom, they gotta remember why they hit the road. I regret giving my van away to a homeless couple on one level, but at the time I had had a brain bleed and although physically I recovered well my mental health has really suffered greatly, and I wish now I had chosen the van rather safe housing. So my whole point is we have meaning, we have to find contentment, and peace in ourselves. I am glad you have traveled for 7 1/2 years, and on and off I have followed you on that journey. I enjoyed Alaska so very much with you. I feel like I went there too!
    Life gets very predictable wherever we are living. My neighbour goes to the gym, regular as clockwork, my other neighbour goes to bingo regular as clock work too. Me, I go to my daughter's regularly too … Life gets mundane, different rat runs but rat runs nonetheless. I hope vanlifers realize that pretty soon they will tire of the static too unless they find joy within themselves that sustains them through rough boring times.
    Here in the UK it's utterly different, it's much harder cos of the weather, and the attitude towards van or car dwellers. Scotland is great as you can wild camp easily but the weather gets dangerous in the winter. But I still wish I had a real choice to get out there again. I am 69 almost, and I only have a small car, but I do go car camping for a few days, but on a pension it's not probable I will ever get to afford another van. ( The couple I gave the van to, needed a home as theirs blew up and I couldn't drive the van at the time, and i am glad for them, but i do miss being able to escape town, neighbours and landlords!

  • Carolyn, if the situation you addressed in this video was happening in my life, I'd regard it as burnout, not boredom. From my perspective, burnout is external in origin and boredom is internal; something needless and unpleasant and eminently preventable that people do to themselves. Fingers crossed you'll find a way to enjoy life again, sooner rather than later.

  • They have nice lake neighbor hoods in Oklahoma ,but a lot already set up for a r.v. with septic water an electric.Plant a garden have neighbors . And your still living a adventurous life style.

  • I've been a RELUCTANT full-timer for 18 months now due to a house fire. I agree with most of what you said about why people are leaving the RV "life", but don't think BOREDOM is the #1 reason. I've stayed exclusively in RV parks from NC to OR (looking for another house) for a minimum of a month (twice for SIX months) in a 36' motorhome with the standard amenities – power, water & sewer – so am not roughing it. The "life" is confining & boring because I can't have a garden or chickens as I did in my house or participate in building a community. However, the aspect that makes this "life" so unappealing is other RVers – whether full-time or weekenders. Before I happened upon an extraordinarily quiet park a month ago – I was miserable from all the obnoxious noise that Americans make wherever they go. WHY would anyone want to "camp" in a parking lot (albeit with amusements & nicely landscaped) within earshot of your neighbor? I want to leave primarily because I feel trapped, subjected to what other people consider their "right" to do whatever they want in this unconventional "life."

  • You need company and family to share your experience with. The best thing about rv life is that you can save up money to buy your own property instead of money going to rent.

  • I was a full time RV’er but hit out if it fit similar reasons however I gave up RV’ing completely but am now toying with getting back into it. Maybe a seasonal? Site prices are cheaper. Would be interesting as to what your long term views are I.e give it up completely?

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