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🔥 Winter RV camping can be a lot of fun… as long as you have running water and you don’t freeze in your RV. This video is the Ultimate RV Winter Camping Guide to help you prepare your rig for the cold weather. As we mentioned in video, we quickly learned that moving every 3-4 days in cold weather was fatiguing. The setup & teardown process is longer and often too cold to use our water hose. So we changed our plans and booked 12 days at Tiger Run Resort http://bit.ly/tiger-run-resort in Breckenridge, CO. This is an exceptional RV Resort where you can rent or buy your own site minutes from downtown Breckenridge and close to Vail Resorts and all your favorite winter activities.

⏰ Topics covered in this winter camping video:
1:16 Upgrading propane tanks
2:10 Space Heaters
2:30 Using the RV parks electrical panels
3:15 Using the correct extension cord
3:25 Insulating your water hose with heat tape
4:23 Heating your utility closet
4:48 Using a Camco heated hose
5:35 Managing your sewer hose
6:26 Roof top vents covers
6:49 EZ Snap RV Skirt
9:12 Multi-sensor thermometer
9:43 Command strip coat hangers
10:17 Carefree of Colorado Slide Topper
11:00 Sealing open gaps on the rig

✅ For more winter rv camping tips that were not mentioned in this video, check out the corresponding blog http://www.keepyourdaydream.com/winter-camping

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EZ Snap RV Skirting: http://bit.ly/Easy-Snap-RV-Skirting
Carefree of Colorado Awnings: http://bit.ly/carefree-slide-topper
Visions Mobile RV Repair: https://visionmobilervrepair.com/
Tiger Run RV Resort: http://bit.ly/tiger-run-resort
All About RV’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMO0GxiJsGHogCMoYunumtA

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